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Airtorch Air & Process Heaters
Volume 5 | January 8th, 2018

MHI Airtorch

Our Airtorch line of process heaters takes the uncertainty out of your heat processing needs. With unparalleled energy efficiency ratings, high reliability and uniformity, you will have less downtime and a lower total cost of ownership.

We offer a comprehensive line of air and gas process heating tools with available models providing hot air flow up to 1200°C. Many Airtorch models are compatible with fans, blowers, compressed air and gas systems.

Process Air Heater Features

  • Hot air/gas temperatures from 850°C to 1100°C (~2000°F).
  • Robust stainless steel construction.
  • Highly efficient. Small footprint. Mountable.
  • Integrated TC allows for accurate temperature controls.
  • 120/208/220/240/380/415/480V 50/60Hz input voltages available.
  • Locatable control electronics (SCR, PID, over-temperature protection) available.
  • Communications capabilities are included with standard 2016 Control Panels.
  • MHI-DACS - Data Acquisition and Control Software compatible.
  • Highly acclaimed and patented technologies. Testimonials and Awards.
  • MTA and MVTA models are sealed units and have a maximum exit temperature of 925°C.
  • Choice of inlet temperature on several models.
MHI Airtorch MTA-04 MHI MTA AirtorchMHI MVTA925 Airtorch
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  • LTA Airtorch models are process air heaters designed for compressed air/gas input. LTA models offer temperatures up to 850°C.
  • VTA Airtorch models are process air heaters designed for use with fan/blower (can allow maximum back-pressure of 50 w.c. ~ 1.8 psi.)

MHI LTA Airtoch MHI VTA Airtorch

LTA and VTA Airtorch models are highly energy efficient, allowing for less energy use and higher cost savings. LTA and VTA models are fully compatible with MHI electronic control panels, allowing for accurate control of flow rates and temperatures for your process. MHI More

Need More Power?

The high power three phase Airtorchâ„¢ configuration yields a large amount of high temperature convective air and may be used for a variety of applications. Use for surface heat treating, simulation, combustion ets, environment uses, preheat, drying, powder sintering, test beds, and large and continuous ovens. Our Airtorch systems are extremely energy efficient. Stainless steel or other flanged sealed systems provide both energy efficiency and conservation.

The kW required depends on the temperature of the exit gas from the Airtorches and the flow volume required. Please use Easy Design Criterion on the our website to calculate approximate temperature vs. flow rate for a fixed power or an Airtorch model number. We also provides flow rate vs. temperature information.

Airtorch models may be purchased with several exit configurations which are specific to the model. In addition, further manifolding is possible.

Suggested Uses: Process heater, simulation, stands, large dies, gas heater, gas preheater, air-preheater, supplemental heater and many other process heating applications.

MHI Airtorch cluster

Airtorch™ 3 Phase Systems


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