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Thermoplate™ - HP220-GAXPC- 9x9 (600C)

Thermoplate™ - HP220-GAXPC- 9x9 (600C)
Thermoplate™ - HP220-GAXPC- 9x9 (600C) Thermoplate™ - HP220-GAXPC- 9x9 (600C)
Brand: Micropyretics Heaters International
Product Code: HP220-GAXPC-600
Price: $7,200.00

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Thermoplate- HP220-GAXPC-600                                                                                                          

High Power 4kW Hot Plate. 9"D x 9"L Thermoplate™ for plug-in use up to 600°C-700°C. The HP220-GAXPC-600  is a 230/240 50/60Hz model.  

The maximum temperature exceeds 1000°F (1000°F=537°C)

The Control Panels IBPAN or IBPAN-PLUS are optional. The TC Read option is a temperature readout when a control panel is not used. The use of a control panel is highly recommended for better life.

The temperature quoted above is the maximum permissible temperature of plate.

The Thermoplate top plate is functionally graded to withstand some acidic attack from low concentration phosphate and chloride acid spills.  

One thermocouple is included with the Thermoplate. This thermocouple may be used for the TC-Read puprpose or for the process set-point control use with an IBPAN.  

When the IBPAN-PLUS is acquired a second thermocouple is provided.

Optional: MHI IBPAN or IBPAN-PLUS Control Panel Details:

Standard Controller:   Programmable Temperature Controller for heating process.
Featuring 1/16 DIN digital display of set point and process temperature, PID temperature control, and adaptive tuning.
Programming Capability: 1 program with 16 Segments over-temperature controller.
Compatible with MHI-DACS Data Acquisition and other third-party data acquisition software.

The IBPAN has one Thermocouple Input.  The IBPAN PLUS has an additional thermocouple provision. 

The IBPAN-PLUS has the extra thermocouple input for cut off use as an OTC on the sample or any other location chosen by the user.

Wiring requirements: 230/240 Volt, single phase @50/60Hz.   Plug may require local electrical codes to be followed and electrician input and plug is in user scope.

Optional:  TOP-LID.  Stainless steel outer.  Insulated inner construction.  Recessed about 70 mm from hot surface.  T/C included.  

ThermoPlate™ Model:  HP220-GAXPC-600 High Temperature ThermoPlate™
Power:  4000 Watts (Approximate).  High power.  Power demand depens on load and temperature when the IBPAN is used.
Heating Surface Size:  9"D x 9"L (note element coverage area may be smaller)
Surface:  Ultra light-weight, thermally stable shock resistant top.
Temperature: Adjustable to 600°C.  Please note temperature on part depends on many factors for a radiating surface.    
Thermoplate™ Control Unit Options:  MHI IBPAN-O  Electronics Control System or IBPAN-O-PLUSPower Requirements:  240 Volt, single phase @50/60Hz, 25Amp Max current (if voltages of 208V or 220V are desired, please indicate at time of order)

Typical Time to Reach Temperature:  To 600°C in approximately 10 min. from room temperature.  Rapid heat-up after full power output is reached (appox. 30 seconds).  Ceramic top may have slower heating rate because it is not transparent.

Manual:  Detailed operation and maintenance manual included


These are some of the highest power hot plates available for Materials Processing and Semiconductor Processing. 

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