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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to order/ search for products on the site?

  • Please choose the main categories and click on product desired. Please note that not all MHI devices are listed in the store. For a complete line of products please click on www.mhi-inc.com.

General Tips for Heating Equipment.

  • Wherever suggestions or indications of possible use are offered, they are to be taken as only indicators of general use only. In no way do these represent any specific endorsement or advancement of any process or technique.

What is the anticipated life for products?

  • Life expectancy is affected by many factors including; vibration, shock, oil, and water in the compressed gas, line voltage fluctuations, lack of proper MHI recommended control systems and many more factors not in MHI control. However if not overheated, the life is normal. MHI warrants against manufacturing defects. The life also depends on the device. Please check with MHI as heating elements do not carry and warranty against overheating.
  • Supply, and loss of air or water flow. For longest life avoid vibration and shock, use only clean, dry compressed gas, de-ionized or distilled water and insure power is never on to the heater module without minimum flow.
  • Please review conditions of sale prior to any purchase. When in doubt please contact MHI.

How to get a quote or pro forma invoice for your purchasing department?

Please note that web prices including specials unless locked cannot be guaranteed.   Locking a price is a way of confirming your order within 30 days.  Payment will have to be received and processed for executing the order.

MHI understands that sometimes a pro-forma/ quote are required before placing an order.  The following steps will enable you to create a Pro-Forma and/or quote before confirming order.  Once you create a Pro forma, and register, MHI will hold the price for 30 days – even for specials when call us at (513)772-0404, fax to 513-7672-3333 or email us the Pro Forma document (scan or PDF). 

MHI will confirm via email of the price lock for 30 days. Steps for locking a price:

  1. Choose the items to purchase.
  2. Add items to shopping cart.
  3. Go to View Cart and verify all your items and quantities are correct.
  4. If you have a coupon code select add the “coupon code now”.
  5. Review your shipping quote and information to be correct using the Estimate Shipping & Taxes option. “
  6. If you are a new customer, please go ahead and register for an account for faster confirmation on your lock price.  Returning clients please login with your credentials.
  7. Please complete all the questions, billing address, delivery address if different from billing
  8. Select shipping method.
  9. Now you should have all the information to print your Pro Forma invoice.
  10. Please go back to your View Cart (Header of the page/ or right side bar).
  11. Click on View cart.
  12. Print the page from your browser main menu File->Print.
  13. The output should contain the MHI logo, MHI address, items selected and the shipping quote including the packaging and handling fees, and coupon discounts if applicable.
  14. This pro forma should be sufficient to present to your purchasing department. 
  15. To lock this web price, please call (513)772-0404 or fax to (513)-7672-3333 or email us this document (scan or PDF).  MHI will guarantee price for all confirmed orders for 30 days by emailing a confirmation.  Should a confirmation not be received by you from MHI, please be aware that the price is not locked.  

Only one cart can be locked in this manner.  MHI retains the right to refuse to lock the order at its sole determination.  All other terms and conditions apply.

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