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Accessory Packets

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Accessory Pack  - M11-17
AP-M11 Includes: Element Holders(10ea), Connecting Wire(20ea made to length) ..
Accessory Pack - "H"  Series Connecting Wires and Fasteners for Lug Style Elements
AP-HLF Connecting Wires and Fasteners for Lug Style Elements  Includes: • Complete Set o..
Accessory Pack - "Z"  Series Connecting Wires for Lug Style Elements
APC-ZL Connecting Wires for Lug Style Elements  Includes: Complete Set of Connecting Wir..
Accessory Pack - 3H11-17HT2.5x27
AP-3H11-HT2.5 Includes: Element Holders(24ea), Connector Clips(48ea), Conncecting Wires(22ea mad..
Accessory Pack - 3H11-17VST
AP-3H11-VST Includes: Element Holders(8ea), Connector Clips(16ea), Conncecting Wires(10ea made t..
Accessory Pack - 3H18-40HT2.5x27
AP-3H18-HT2.5 Includes: Element Holders(24ea), Connecting Clips(48), Conncecting Wires(28ea made..
Accessory Pack - 3H18-40VST
AP-3H18-VST Includes: Element Holders(8ea), Connecting Clips(16), Conncecting Wires(10ea made to..
Accessory Pack - 575H11-17HT
AP-575H11-17HT Includes: Element Holders(12ea), Center Pieces(12ea), Connecting Clips(24ea), Co..
Accessory Pack - AP-3H17VST
AP-3H17VST  Includes: 12 each - CH1 - 3/6 Connector Clips 5 each - BW75-T1-4  ..
Accessory Pack - BW100-T0-C
AP-BW100-T0-C Braided Wire for 4/9 Elements Includes: 10 each Braided Wire, 100 Amps, Type 0..
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