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MHI Furnace Replacement Elements

Molybdenum Disilicide (MoSi2) Heating Elements

MHI is US manufacturer and direct supplier of Molybdenum disilicide (MoSi2) electric heating elements. We offer intelligent elements that last longer and save energy without impacting total costs. MHI's MoSi2 elements feature patented technologies that differentiates them from the pack. Our elements will exceed your expectations.  

Max element temp. 3362°F / 1850°C

The elements on this page are exclusive for MHI Furnaces. Please provide your furnace model, serial number and date of purchase, when completing the purchase form. (Stand MHI Lead-Time Applies)

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Accessory Pack - H16/17
AP-H16/17 Includes: Connector Clips(16ea), Complete Set of Conncecting Wires(9ea made to le..
MHI U Shaped Element MP1850 G1 (Set of 2)
Set of 2 Elements Compatible with MHI Furnace Models: H11-17HT H14HT H18-40HT H17HT2...
$800.00 $690.00
MHI U shaped element MP1850 G2 (Set of 2)
Set Of 2 Elements Compatible with Furnace Models: Z11-17 Z18-40 M14 H11-17 H18-40 ..
$1,000.00 $790.00
MHI U shaped element MP1850 G3 (Set of 2)
Set Of 2 Elements Compatible with Furnace Models: N11-17 N18-40 M11-17 M18-40 H17 ..
$1,200.00 $850.00
Replacement Heating Element HP220-HIGHBO-1250
Replacement Heating Element - HP220-HIGHBO-1250 Includes: MHI Ultra Square Pancake Eleme..
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