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Nano-Silver Coated Stainless Steel Coupon

Nano-Silver Coated Stainless Steel Coupon
Product Code: Nano silver on stainless steel substrate
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Nano silver  particle mixture i.e. surface protrusions (particles) welded on stainless steel or copper coupon.  Patented Process.

Product for Sale:  1" x 1" 304 stainless   with  nanometer deposits of nano silver.     Average size of nanosilver  is about 50-100 nm. 

Silver is pure 99.99% silver

Use of Product:  Sample to test possible efficacy for antimicrobial permament (durable)- nano silver on a support substrate of stainles steel.  Substrate stainless steel coupon is about 1" x 1" and about 1 mm thick.  Coating thickness is ~500nm nominal with range discussed above.

The particles are firmly attached but may also wipe under abrasion depending on the force (a approximate scratch test result is shown).  Total coverage of porous particles is about 300nm-900 nm thick coating on the substrate.  High porosity.  

 Variations are possible from coupon to coupon.

Product (the nano layered coating)  expected to contain approximately 50% by volume of silver particles with porosity and other elements like nitrogen and oxygen.  Not all phases have been identified.

Please indicate whether a Copper substrate or a 304 or 316  Stainless Steel substrate is desired if offered.   Please add this information to the remarks during check out

Please contact sales@mhi-inc.com to provide a quote for other substrates or sizes or for volume requests.

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