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Brand: Micropyretics Heaters International
Product Code: LTA750-01
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LTA750-01INL Hot Air Generator Specifications:

Model: LTA750-01INL (110V, 1kW)
Cartridge Type Hot Air Gun (in-line type)
Unit Description: Model LTA750-01INL belongs to the airtorch series of in-line hot air tool devices with continuous hot air discharge of up to 750-850°C temperatures

Such hot air guns find application in plastic welding, heat shrinking
of thermo plastics, ceramic drying, on-site heat treatment, plastic forming and many more.

The unique 2-way shell ( one perforated) construction provides for efficient heat recovery and management,
which provides hi-temperature discharge at very high efficiency.

This recuperating design eliminates radiant heat loss while enhancing  efficiency, and maintains a cooler outer shell temperature.

Note :  Parts of the surface are hotter than 50°C (DO NOT TOUCH).  meant for inline stand alone use.

The air gun comes with an in-built Type "K" thermocouple and an available temperature read-out (optional).

Plug and play.

Unit: 1.5" dia x 15.25" L (collar is 1.95" dia)

Air inlet: 1/4" NPT male fitting
Air outlet: 1/4" NPT male fitting
Exit: NPT fitting

Weight: Light weight with compact ergonomic design
Temperature: 750°C continuous for best life, 850°C maximum
Airflow: Minimum required is 1.4 CFM at inlet
Adjust pressure to get minimum airflow
Unit may burn and fail if minimum airflow is not provided
Voltage: 110VAC
Frequency: 50/60 HZ
Current: Approx.  9 Amps @ 110VAC
Power Consumption: ~1000 Watts
Output Power Control: Remove plug no switch provided
Handle: None
Standard Accessories: Display - Not included (optional) see accessories

Built-in thermocouple can be linked for external display

Optional: 3 1/2"LCD display switchable between °C and °F


MINIMUM AIR FLOW REQUIRED FOR SAFE USE ~1.8SCFM OR MORE.  PLEASE NOTE UNLIKE MTA'S the LTA's are not fully sealed and at high temperatures there may be small leak losses.  FULLY sealed units are MTA models.  Please contact www.mhi-inc.com for further information.


  • Efficient recuperating wave technology for heat recovery and cooler body temperature with perforrated sheet.
  • Built-in Type K thermocouple
  • Light weight with compact ergonomic design
  • 110V plug-in design
  • Rapid heat-up
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