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Gen2 HeatPad™ With 2" Diameter Hot Zone

Gen2 HeatPad™ With 2" Diameter Hot Zone
Brand: Micropyretics Heaters International
Product Code: Gen2 HeatPad - 2"
Price: $1,595.00

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Gen2 HeatPad™ 2"

Versatile high temperature HeatPad™ is available in many sizes. Maximum plate surface depends on load. Non-reactive ceramic pocket type design allow for inserting, hanging, and positioning your HeatPad™ virtually anywhere. Low heater profile is excellent for applications for localized heating, substrate heating, mechaniical pump vacuum environment and moderate high pressure environments. Several thermal and acid resistant accessories also available like NanoFractalAlumina plate and extremely high thermal shock resistant plate

  • *NEW* Internal K-Type TC Standard (included in price). With the purchase of the Heatpad a calibration chart of pyrometer surface temperature (with no load) vs T/C read-temperature is provided.
  • 2" diameter hot zone
  • Best to use pyrometer.
  • Surface temperature depends on type of load. The estimated surface temperature with no load (free radiating) is about 1050°C measured with pyrometer with 0.5 emissivity.
  • Voltage Maximum - 10V
  • Maximum Current - use up to 13.5 to 14.0 Amps (depending on load, the current will be lesser ~11amps). Cautious increase in current is recommended.
  • Non-reactive CerAll™ ceramic pocket.  New Glass in Gen 2.
  • Low profile
  • For HeatPad™ ceramic repairs, please use FractalPaste
    Warning: This is an electrical device which can achieve very high temperatures. Please follow all local codes and safety procedures. Consult your local electrician to review and be aware of safety hazards present when working with electrical devices. This device internally can reach temperatures in excess of 1100°C prior to burn out. Please use caution to avoid burns or fire hazards. Read the manual carefully and do not hesitate to contact MHI or Dealer for assistance.
  • Note although internal T/C is provided, the use of a pyrometer is recommended in case T/C has moved from location.
  • Note heaters inside the HeatPad should not exceed ~13.5 to 14.0 amps max., however when a load is applied the maximum current required may be only 10 to 11 amps at steady state.  Not to be used inverted.

Hot-Zone Size (Diameter in inches)


Outer Dimensions

5" x 3" x 1"

Maximum Temperature as measured with a pyrometer.
Calibration chart with internal T/C will be provided.
Generally internal T/C will read lower.


Maximum Power available

100 ~ 130 watts

Maximum Current Allowed (Currents vary depending on load)

12 ~ 14 Amps

Thermal shock resistant, high density NanoFractalAlumina™ translucent setter plates and crucibles (sold separately). For Alumina boats and crucibles visit our Alumina pages. Placing a NanoFractalAlumina™ object or other objects on the Heatpad™ will generally reduce the current input required to obtain a particular surface temperature of the HeatPad™. Excees current input can burn out the HeatPad™. Do not exceed 4.5 Volts on 1" HeatPad or 10 Volts on 2" heatPad. The optional TPAN (open loop controller- no feedback) can be used for the power supply or a BPAN (closed loop controller with feedback) can be used for control. The open loop controller requires continuous monitoring specially for proposed use conditions that are close to the product design limit. Closed loop controllers perform automatic monitoring after being set. A thermocouple is included. It is strongly advised to monitor the internal temperature and if possible the surface temperature of the Heatpad™ to ensure that the maximum temperature limits are not exceeded. The thermocouple included can be read with optional TC-Read-110V or any other K-type thermocouple reader. To monitor the Heatpad surface temperature so that surface temperature you will need pyrometer. If care is taken that the maximum temperature, maximum voltage and maximum current are not exceed then the measurement of the surface temperature is not required. The rated temperature is given in installation manual. The current draw may be far lesser than the maximum amps when the HeatPad is not in the free radiating condition of use i.e. no load is present. Regardless the maximum voltage and internal temperature should not be exceeded.

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