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Gen2 HeatPad with 3" Diameter Hot Zone (300W)

Gen2 HeatPad with 3" Diameter Hot Zone (300W)
Gen2 HeatPad with 3" Diameter Hot Zone (300W) Gen2 HeatPad with 3" Diameter Hot Zone (300W)
Brand: Micropyretics Heaters International
Product Code: PH-G4-3
Price: $2,250.00

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  • *NEW* Internal K-Type TC Standard (included)
  • 3" diameter hot zone
  • Rapid heat up to 1050°C (Internal temperature).  Caliberation provided with T/C in manual supplied.
  • Surface temperature dependent on load
  • Voltage - 30V
  • Maximum Current - use up to 11.5 Amps (depending on load)
  • Non-reactive CerAll™ ceramic pocket.  Special Glass Top in GEN 2.
  • Low profile

Thermal shock resistant, high density NanoFractalAlumina™ translucent setter plates and crucibles (sold separately).

FractalPaste™ (sold separately)

For HeatPad™ ceramic repairs, please use FractalPaste

Warning: This is an electrical device which can achieve very high temperatures. Please follow all local codes and safety procedures. Consult your local electrician to review and be aware of safety hazards present when working with electrical devices. This device can reach temperatures in excess of 1200°C. Please use caution to avoid burns or fire hazards.  Note that as you place insulating materials on the heat pad the maximum temperature is achieved with lower currents than when the heat pad is free-radiating.  All users should control the heat pad properly in order not to exceed the maximum rated temperature on the pad surface.  Not to be used inverted.  Both the maximum temperature and maximum current should be monitored.

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