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H14-GAXP Furnace with Control Panel and Transformer

H14-GAXP Furnace with Control Panel and Transformer
Brand: Micropyretics Heaters International
Product Code: H14-GAXP
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MHI H14-GAXP H-Series Box Furnace

NEW! 1 Year Warranty on GAXP® Heating Elements!                                                                                                               

• Continuous Temperature Range: 1400°C
• Chamber Size 8"H x 7"W x 8"D.  Wall to wall.
• MHI Nano Structured GAXP® elements
• Standard temperature controller programmable with 16 segments.
• Includes full furnace electronics: MHI HIPAN ™ Control Panel.
• Furnace Power 8 kW (No load steady state power, ~4.4 kW)
Customer must specify wiring requirements.      

MHI HIPAN ™ Control Panel Details:
MHI HIPAN ™ control panel with full furnace electronics.
The control panel houses switch gears, fuses, and circuit breaker.
Standard Controller:  Eurotherm 2404 Programmable Temperature Controller for
heating process. Featuring 1/4 DIN digital display of set point and process
temperature, PID temperature control, adaptive tuning.
Programming Capability: 1 program with 16 Segments.
Eurotherm 2116 over-temperature controller.
Compatible with MHI-DACS Data Acquisition and other third-party data acquisition software.

MHI ST9001 single phase SCR (or equivalent) with advanced current limit and soft start feature.
Wiring requirements:  240 Volt, single phase @50/60Hz, 55Amp Max current (if voltages of 208V or 220V are desired, please indicate at time of order)
Maximum power output is 12kW.

MHI offers Academic and Industrial discounts.  Please call for information.


Furnace Model:  MHI Model #H14 Front Loading Box Furnace
Chamber Size:  8"H x 7"W x 8"D.  Wall to wall.
Door Opening:  6"H x 4"W
Outside Dimensions:  23"H x 16"W x 22"D
Maximum Furnace Temperature:  Continuous use temperature up to 1400°C
Heat Up Time:  Approximately 90 minutes with no load
Refractory:  Safe FiberFree™ and vacuum formed fibrous refractory
Heating Elements:  MHI GAXP® energy efficient U-Shaped Nanostructured heating elements.
Element Installation:  Top mounted.  Convenient installation.
Thermocouple:  MHI E2-Type with sheath
Controller:  Standard: Eurotherm 2404CP programmable with 16 segments.  Optional: Eurotherm 2404P4 with 4 programs: 16 segments each with digital communication card.  This communication card allows continuous data download to computer.
Control Electronics Package:  MHI HIPAN ™ Control System
Thyristor Power Controller:  MHI Model # ST9001 SCR or equivalent
Furnace Casing:  Fan cooled, double walled and stainless steel.
Furnace Power:  8 kW (No Load Steady State Power, approximately 4.4 kW)
Wiring Requirements:  240 Volt, single phase @50/60Hz, 55Amp Max current  (if voltages of 208V or 220V are desired, please indicate at time of order)
Safety Features:  Protected by over-temperature controller with independent thermocouple. Manual reset is required if system is overheated. Complete fuse and circuit breaker protection is provided.
Furnace Assembly:  Installation of elements by customer on site. Mains connections to be done by certified electrician according to local electrical codes.
Manual:  Detailed furnace installation, troubleshooting and operation manual provided.


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