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Hot Top Radiator + BPAN (Transformer Included)

Hot Top Radiator + BPAN (Transformer Included)
Brand: Micropyretics Heaters International
Product Code: PH-SE-8.0
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•  MHI BPAN ™ Control Panel included

•  Stainless steel housing package includes perforated wiring guard for high safety

•  MHI NanoFractalAlumina™ and FiberFree ™refractory technology for long life.

•  Thermocouple and connections package standard.

•  208/220/240 Volt, single phase input – control panel included

•  Maximum power:  4kW     


MHI BPAN™ PID Digital Control Panel with full electronics

•  Electronic Control Unit. PID temperature control

•  Precise control with advanced adaptive tuner for handling processes with changing characteristics.

•  Stabilizes the controlled temperature against supply voltage fluctuations on electrically heated load.

•  Compatible with MHI-DACS Data Acquisition and other third-party data acquisition software.

•  The controller interfaces with SCR, soft start and I2t fuse for smooth power control and protection.

•  Easy to connect to electricals using (quick connect) connectors.

•  Wiring requirements:  208/220/240 Volt (please specify), single phase @50/60Hz, 25Amp Max current

To learn more about our Hot Top Module  please click here.  Protected by Patent Application on

Furnace Model:  MHI Model #PH-SE-8.0 (REV. 6)  HotTop

Chamber Size:  6” Radiant Opening

Outside Dimensions:  12.25” Diameter x 13” Height

Maximum Temperature:  1500°C (continuous element temperature).

Heat Up Time:  Approximately 60 minutes with no load. 

Refractory:  Safe FiberFree™ and vacuum formed fibrous refractory where appropriate

Heating Elements:  MHI MP1850™ or GAXP energy efficient molybdenum disilicide heating elements.

Element Installation:  Top mounted.  Easy and Convenient installation.

Thermocouple:  MHI B-Type with sheath

Controller:  Standard: CE and UL rated controller Optional:  With digital communication card. This communication card allows continuous data download to computer.

Control Electronics Package:  MHI BPAN™ Electronics Control System as applicable.

Thyristor Power Controller:  MHI Model # ST9001 SCR or equivalent

Furnace Casing:  Double walled, stainless steel and fan cooled

Power:  4.0kW.  Highly energy efficient.

Wiring Requirements:  208/220/240 Volts AC @ 35 Amps (To be specified by customer)

Safety Features:  Complete fuse and circuit breaker protection provided. Over-temperature protection provided with an independent thermocouple and controller.

Furnace Assembly:  Easy installation of heating elements on site.   Main connections to be done by a certified electrician according to local electrical codes.

Manual:  Detailed furnace installation, operation and troubleshooting manual is provided

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