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HGA-S Devices

MHI's steam devices feature high scalability, reliability, and versatility. Our steam generators feature BoilerFree™ technology and generate steam at one atmosphere. Steam Generators can be used for chemical, mechanical or heating purposes with enhanced energy efficiency, enhanced controls and enhanced no pressure (one atmosphere) to high pressures. Online help available for design. Industrial and laboratory steam generators are available. Our high temperature steam generators are simple to install, and easy to use. On-demand steam from a cold start within minutes. Low pressure operations allows for quick startup and shutdown times with no CO/CO2 toxic gas byproducts. Some government surveys show that steam may account for one-third of all the energy used in process plants. A safe optimized OAB system may lower the cost of your steam system and yield large returns. Please call MHI for ROI calculators.

  • Direct plug-in, self contained system
  • High Quality Steam (quality of steam is a industry-used technical phrase that indicates water content in steam). True HGA steam is 100% quality.
  • Integrated Thermocouple
  • Includes Flow Rate Control with Pump Offerings that Provide Different Levels of Flow-Sensitivity and Display
  • Vittori Flexible Tube available for flexible connection from generator to process chamber
  • Other options include flow deflectors and back pressure tolerance enhancers (BPE)
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HGA -S-01 Ceramic Head
HGA-S-01 Ceramic Head. Replacement part in a  a existing HGA-S-01 model ..
HGA-S-01 Superheated Steam Generator
Steam temperatures up to 400°C (optional supercharger for 600C output - please read below  f..
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