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Customize for deposition type and shape. Contact MHI.

Compare price and energy efficiency with ordinary transferred arc or induction plasma deposition or laser.
No electrodes to change in cascade plasmas.

  • Titanium Nitride, Yittria Zirconia, Boron Carbide, Silicon Carbide, Molybdenum diSilicide.
  • Glass and Nano Surface Depositions.
  • WC and other high wear resistant surfaces for tool bits.
  • Tubes and complex shapes. Thick Alumina on Aluminum.
  • Easily make functionally graded coatings.

Custom Turnkey Solutions with Complete Electronic Controls

Highly stable e-Ion cascade thermal plasma™

New ionic low-cost surface treating and deposition.  Minimize pollution and minimize noise - improve energy efficiency.


Titanium Nitride

Plasma Source Plume