Continuous Furnace Request for Quotation

Furnace Information

A continuous furnace is a long-term investment. MHI will build to your specifications. Let's plan together!

Contact Information
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Company:  State:   Zip:
Address:  Country: 
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Process Information
 (Please do not disclose confidential information.)
Key Information
   Part Production Rate: How many parts/hour or Kg/hour required: 
 Maximum temperature required: 
 How many zones required:        

 Temperature in each zone:  (please use centigrade C)
  Zone 1: Zone 2:  Zone 3: Zone 4: Zone 5:
  Zone 6: Zone 7:  Zone 8:  Zone 9:  Zone 10:
 Part residence time in each zone:  (please use minutes)
  Zone 1:  Zone 2: Zone 3:  Zone 4: Zone 5:
  Zone 6: Zone 7: Zone 8: Zone 9: Zone 10:
 Material: Density before furnace processing: Kg/m3)
 Size: (inches)

Density after furnace processing: Kg/m3)


 Weight: (kg) Thickest cross section:

 Condition of Parts:   Wet    Oily    Dry
 *If you will use trays or setters, please provide the shape and size:
    Amount of combustion gases expected in burn-out or how much solid will burn:
    Flammable solvents or vapors involved in process:

  Amount of gallons per batch (or per hour for continuous processing):
    Atmosphere type at different process stages:
 Atmosphere application at different process stages:    Purge    Strict    Flow
   Operating Temperature:  
 Maximum Temperature:   

 If temperature is extrapolated from a batch furnace, please describe heating cycle:
Preferred Furnace Type
AirtorchTM Belt Conveyor Hybrid Pusher Hearth
Rotary Hearth Tunnel Conveyor Walking Beam    

 Length of load zone:    Length of unload zone:  
 Production rate:          Length of cooling zone: 
 Exit temperature from cooling zone:     
 Loading density (parts per lineal foot): 
Work space size:
wide by
deep by
 *Please note this space will include furnace,
electrical control system, loading, and unloading zones.
 Load zone space size:
wide by
deep by
 Unload zone space size: 
 wide by
 deep by
 Electrical Service: 
 Heated by:  Electric Natural Gas Propane Steam

 Equipment to be included in base price:


 Equipment to be included as options:

Furnace Environment

 This information pertains to the furnace room.

 Smallest opening through which furnace unit must pass:   wide by  high
 *Don't forget doorways, elevators, and existing machinery, pipes or ducts
 Floor space limitations:   wide by  deep

 Headroom limitations:
 Floor or elevator load limitations: 
 Exhaust limitations: 
 Water line limitations:
 Compressed air line limitations:  
 Power line limitations:


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