MS-400 (MightySteam®)

What is MightySteam®?  Deep Clean with steam.

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MightySteam® is a portable steam generator ideal for many cleaning applications. MightySteam® offers standard high temperature cleaning steam, as well as high temperature non-condensing steam, often ideal for many levels of cleaning. All MightySteam® devices feature SaniZap® technology, allowing for fast, effective cleaning of surfaces. The MightySteam® unit consists of two primary parts, the ergonomically designed steam generator, which features the steam output nozzle, and the water tank.  Models are available with convenient backpack containers as well as those meant for bench or tabletop static use.  Once plugged in, the MightySteam® begins to generate superheated steam within seconds.

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Now offering MS400-4 a high power superheated steam jet cleaner for HVAC systems.

  1. The MightySteam® is highly portable, quiet and produces steam very quickly.
  2. No boiler certifications or intensive training is needed for steam generation.
  3. The MightySteam® features truly plug and play operations up to an unmatched 752°F in some models or custom higher superheated steam in an easy to use, compact profile.
  4. Steam is a penetrative gas and a known agent against microbes.  Must be used in the proper fashion for the best residence time.

Industrial Strength Pure Superheated Steam

  1. MightySteam® produces a highly effective 752°F or hotter superheated steam, allowing for faster and more effective cleaning.
  2. Dual output conditions allow MightySteam® units to produce high temperature cleaning steam as well as superheated steam ideal for disinfection.
  3. MightySteam’s small profile allows it to be easily stowed away when not in use. Included storage box keeps MightySteam® unit safe from damage and also doubles as a convenient water reservoir.
  4. Laboratory tests have shown that within seconds high temperature steam will de-nature many bacteria and microbes. Higher temperature steam will need less time to be equally if not more effective. The quality of steam is important. Steam is a known antimicrobial agent. All disinfecting chemicals or steam are agents, and high temperature steam is a very powerful non-toxic agent. Periodic treatment with high temperature steam is recommended (when used properly) to achieve maximum benefits. Steam quality can sometimes be checked with the proper steam chemical indicators. For bacterial testing please begin with commonly available test kits (Read this Blog Post for more information on how to determine the cleanliness). When possible always please check with a professional microbiologist.


This product is for use by Professionals only.

Great care must be exercised with the use of steam producing devices that are used to create and/or direct steam on to any object or surface. MightySteam® is capable of inflicting steam burns if exposed to skin, so always use the proper personal protective equipment to ensure the operator’s safety. Never operate the MightySteam® around small children or animals who may be curious of the steam. Never attempt to “feel” how hot the steam is, you will get burned. Surfaces treated by the MightySteam® may also become hot to the touch, so use caution when touching impacted surfaces.

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