Airtorch® Models MVTA, GTA925 and MTA925 up to 925°C.

Fan and blower VTA Airtorch® Models to 1100°C (2012 °F) – see below.

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Flanged Sealed Process Heaters  to 1300°C Air/Gas 

Guide for Airtorch® Selections

Temperature Lower Power (1-12 kW) High Power (36-600 kW)
600-900°C LTA, VTAMTA925 MVTA-900-(DNA) Models


MVTA-900-(DNA) Models MVTA-1000-(DNA) Models


1200°C/1300°C DPF Models


High Pressure Enclosures (GTA, GVTA) Up to 1200°C

Please see tables below for individual models

Features and Applications

  • Robust Design
  • Clean and Green product with high energy efficiency
  • DF (Direct-Flow).  Low resistance. Low pressure drop.
  • Automotive Applications
  • Service Plan (No Downtime)
  • Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
  • 2kW to 600kW Models.
  • Integration Technology
  • Installation Services Provided
  • Special Application with Low Cost Blowers and High CFM
  • Energy Efficient
  • In-Line Configuration
  • Maximum Operating Temperature of MVTA925 is 925°C (1700°F). MVTA models to 1100° (2100°F).
  • Need more power? High watt models.

Convective Heating is One of the Most Versatile Ways of Delivering Heat!

Low Pressure Drop and No Noise

MVTA, VTA-DPF-DNA Models – 1100°C and 1200°C

1-10 KW Single Phase

15KW Single or 3 Phase User Choice

36KW 3 Phase
208-240V 50/60Hz

Model # Power
VTA-DPF-6.5-1100  (DNA) (Fan)


choose in-line model

MVTA-DPF-6.5- 1100 (DNA)


Single Phase. Fan Controller Included.

or Choose

In-line Flanged Model

MVTA(or GTA)-DPF-15-1100 (DNA)

15 KW

Both single phase and 3 phase Models offered.

MVTA(or GTA)-DPF-(24,36-48-96)-1100 (DNA)

3 Phase

24 KW,36 KW,48 KW,96 KW

3 Phase 240V, 480V, or 400V.  CE and UL rated electric panels are available.

MTA925 and GTA925 Airtorch – 925C
Single Phase 208-240V, 50/60Hz

Model # Power Picture
MVTA925-12 and GTA925-12-(PV)


Single Phase Controls


12 KW MVTA925-12 Model Process Gss Heater

MVTA925-12 and GTA925-12-(PV)

the GTA925 -12 version is available in single and three phase configurations

GTA-925-(PV) – (3P)



Online Store

2 KW MTA925-2 Thumb

Online Store


(925C) RFQ


(925C) RFQ

2 KW  3Bar

2 KW 6Bar



(925C) Online Store

4 KW Online Store



(925C) RFQ


(925C) RFQ

4 KW 3Bar

4KW 6bar


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Combustible gases for abatement purposes

To heat combustible gases for abatement purposes such as for semiconductor gas abatement –   MVTA925-GA6125-H2.

MVTA-GA Models for 900°C

Combustible Gasses

Model # Power
MVTA925-GA6125-H2 or MVTA-2(10)-220- H2

(for Combustible Low Flow Process Gas-Heating)

12 kW


5 kW

Marks of Quality

Specifications subject to change at the time of quotation.

Fans are employed when the drop in pressure of the system is no greater than approximately 50 in. w.c. (50 in. w.c./inches of H20 is approximately 1.8psi.) This condition remains true even when the fan can output large CFM values.  Blowers are considered in circumstances where larger pressure drops are present.

Flow-Gas Accessories

 Accessories that are currently available for our MTA & MVTA Models

Please contact MHI for GVTA or GTA models

Blower and low flow detection system.
FLM750 – Flowmeter 2-23 SCFM (click for larger images)

Controls.  Single and Three Phase.  From XPAN, TRIPAN, RPAN to I-TRIPAN.

Flow Mixers

SIMGAS (Gas Mixing)



Flow meter 2-23 SCFM
Part # FLM750

Blower and low Flow detection system. SIMGAS (Gas Mixing)
MVTA Blower control system

Choice of controls (fans/Blowers/Compressed air or gas):

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