OAB-36 Scalable Superheated Steam Platform

OAB® steam system will change the way you think of superheated steam in regards to installation, safety, size and energy cost.


Shown above is a three-phase scalable platforms for the OAB-36 system and OAB®-72 in two different configurations. Each platform is individually controlled with a modern TRIPAN power-panel, allowing significant flexibility of use.

Please contact MHI for details.

Highly Scalable® units can produce from 1kg/hr to over 1000kg/hr. The modular design allows for easy upgrades and utilizing the unit where it is needed, all without routing steam or venting pipes. MHI is well known for high quality electronic power – temperature control panels.

OAB® Scalable Platforms Key Features
  1. On-Demand Steam
  2. Instant super heated steam generation (instant implies within a minute or much lower)
  3. 300°C (Discuss with MHI for up to 1300°C exit temperature)
  4. Scalable volume output starting at 4kh/hr
  5. No Certification required for pressure rating or inspection
  6. Built for energy efficiency and high productivity
  7. Small foot print. Easy to relocate as required.
  8. Discrete BPE or Continuous Steam Side amount variation.
  9. New PV Models with above
Model Typical Applications Steam Produced (nominal) Total Electric Power / Exit Temperature (nominal values) Approximate financed monthly price
OAB-36-300 Boiler Heat Exchanger Inputs Heavy Duty Steam, Heavy Drying 36 Kg/hr Steam About 39kW and higher depending on Temperature Models 300C-800C Contact MHI
OAB-72-300 Boiler Heat Exchanger Inputs Heavy Duty Steam, Heavy Drying 72 Kg/hr Steam About 75kW and higher depending on Temperature Model 300C-800C Contact MHI
OAB-108-300 Boiler Heat Exchanger Inputs Heavy Duty Steam, Heavy Drying 108 Kg/hr Steam Custom Contact MHI
Custom Solutions Custom Videos and Media Gallery Custom As required with high pressure and hot water line and superheated steam up to 1300C. Contact MHI

Special 3 Phase for OAB-15-300. Please contact MHI.