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Why purchase MHI Furnaces?
Why Purchase MHI Heating Elements?
Why Purchase MHI Airtorch Products?

Service Mark Standard

MHI supports the Heat Treating Industry Vision 2020.

MHI has quietly surpassed many of these goals 15 years ahead of time.

Goals of that vision statement include:

1.  Reduce energy consumption by 80%.   MHI has already won an energy award and ensures that its products are energy efficient.  In addition, it has created the most energy efficient aluminum furnace for which it won the RD100 award.  Standard ceramic processing furnaces have at least 3 layers of refractory to ensure energy conservation.
2.  Reduce process time by 50%. See MHI articles on how to improve productivity by 10 times.  Call MHI for more information.
3. Reduce production costs by 75%.  Improving productivity and energy efficiency leads to this goal. Contact MHI for more details.
4. Achieve zero distortion and maximum uniformity in heat treated parts. See article on distortion in Airtorch section.
5. Increase furnace life 10 fold. MHI now uses fiber-free refractory from the award winning refractory manufacturer. This, along with its long-life elements, have greatly aided to such a goal. See testimonials.  Call MHI customers. Contact MHI.
6. Reduce cost of furnaces by 50%. Recently we have dropped the price of our 1800°C furnaces by 36%. Several element prices have been dropped to the vision target. We have brought down the prices of capital goods, consumables and of our services in conformance with the goal.  Please monitor our section on specials for the best deals.
7. Attain zero emissions. MHI Airtorch systems and electrical furnaces already have zero emissions.  See also:  MHI Green VISION.

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MHI's customer world map
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