Pertinent to Fiberfree™ Materials



QWhy do we need FiberFree™ material?

A:  It is believed that short fibers may pose health risk to those who come in contact with them. Exposure to short fibers can happen during manufacturing, use, repair, and disposal. The refractory industry has invested in looking for ways to overcome the potential problems posed by materials containing short fibers.  Many new solutions are in the making. Industry is trying to move towards a tough 0.5 fiber/cc (8 hr. TWA) recommendation.  FiberFree™ materials are, therefore, important.  See more about fiber materials. MATTECH Corporation has taken the step to eliminate fibers from its products with new patented fractal nano technology which allows use of light weight materials with excellent controlled porosity.

Q:   What is NanoFractalAlumina™ most useful for?

A:   NanoFractalAlumina™ (NFA) is a unique material only available from Mattech Corporation. This material displays extraordinary thermal shock resistance. It is also a high temperature material 2000°C capable. Other unique properties are that it can be made into any shape (see Custom Applications). Some standard products made from this material are listed on this site. For other volume applications, please contact Mattech.

QWhat is the maximum temperature of possible use of MATTECH products?

A:  Up to 2000°C, depending on the product and type of use.  For example, we do not recommend using Fractalins™ for temperatures exceeding 1850°C, especially if the atmosphere is reducing.  HAFractalins™ may be used to higher temperatures.  FractalBalls™ made of HMG1 material may be used for temperatures as high as 1880-1900°C.  HAFractalBalls™ may be used to even higher temperatures close to 2000°C.

Q: What are the typical applications of FRACTALBALLS™, FRACTALINS™, HDFRACTALINS™, and Filters (HMG1 composition)? 

A: The typical applications relate to thermal insulation, filters for liquid metals, general filtration where high surface area is required, chemical filtration, membranes, electronic substrates, liquid metal filtration, low density structural materials, fire resistance materials, filters, substrates for catalytic converter or diesel particle heaters, furnace insulation and repair (patch up). (Also see section on  Typical Use  of FRACTALBALLSTM.

QWhat is the difference between FractalPaste™ and FractalGlue™?

A. Use FractalPaste™ for filling cracks and patch-up.  As the name implies, this is a thick paste, and has less water content than FractalGlue™. FractalGlue™ is much thinner. Both FractalPaste™ & FractalGlue™ may be mixed with FractalBalls™ and the mix is used much like a ceramic castable.

Q.  What's the difference between Fractalins™(regular, HD, and UHD) and BR Fractalins™?

A.  Fractalins™, HD Fractalins™, and UHD Fractalins™ have connected, open porosity whereas BR Fractalins™ have closed porosity. If your application requires a porous inter-connected material, please choose from FractalBalls™ or various types of Fractalins™. If your intended use is only for thermal applications then BR Fractalins™ are your best choice.

Q I want to make myself a product which is approximately 12"x12"x1" in size for use up to 1800°C, by mixing FractalBalls™ and FractalPaste™.  How much of FractalBalls™ do I need and how much FractalPaste™ do I need?

A.  You will need about 0.5 gallons of FractalBalls™ (HMG1 material) and about 32 oz. of FractalPaste™ (note FractalPaste™ is sold in 8oz. sizes only).

Q: What is the chemical composition of HMG1 FRACTALBALLSTM? 

A: Mostly Alumina/Mullite.  See section on FRACTALBALLSTM. (This is accessed by clicking on  Product Specs above and then  FractalBalls™ .)  HA materials are nearly all alumina.

Q: What are Setter Plates and Monolithic Boards made of?

A: Most of the Mattech boards are made from stacked FractalBalls™. Alternately, the HMG1 or Alumina material is also available as plates and discs (which are not made from FractalBalls™), and these are listed under Setter Plates and Monolithic Boards. Setter plates may also be used as membranes, as they have interconnected porosity. 


A:  These are pre-formed bricks and boards made from FRACTALBALLS™. HDFRACTALINS™ have a density of ~1.1g/cc, whereas FRACTALINS™ have ~0.7g/cc density.  More information on these materials is available from clicking on Product Specs.

Q: In what proportion do I mix the FRACTALBALLSTM and FRACTALPASTETM if I want to make shapes from FRACTALBALLS™?

A: This depends on the usage. Generally about 60g of FRACTALBALLSTM with 40 cc of FRACTALGLUETM is recommended. After drying, fire to at least 1250°C to develop strength. You should expect minimal shrinkage ~1% when you fire.

Q: Where can I buy a furnace?

A: If you require a furnace, please visit our technology partner for furnaces. We recommend that you experiment with a small lot and then decide on the optimum mix. Please e-mail for information on dies and furnaces if required. 

Q Can I use the material as a castable?

A. Use FractalPaste™ for filling cracks and patch-up.  As the name implies, this is a thick paste.  FractalGlue™ is much thinner and is used to bond FractalBalls™ or HAFractalBalls™ to make a shape. Both FractalPaste™ & FractalGlue™ may be mixed with FractalBalls™ and the mix is used much like a ceramic castable.  FractalPaste™ has less water content than FractalGlue™.

Q: What if the FractalGlue™ gels during shipment?

A: If FractalGlue™ is too thick it may have gelled; it can be diluted with distilled water. The amount varies with the amount gelled but about 3cc to a 60gms gelled glue while mixing should bring it back to the original consistency of about 1.2g/cc. Some experimentation is required so a good way to do this is take a small amount (sample) of gelled glue and add water to determine the right mix.

Q: How much of FractalBalls™ and FractalGlue™ do I need to make a part?

A: Mixing 67% FractalGlue™ and 33% of 1mm FractalBalls™ yielded a pasty mixture which was dried for one day. It was fired to 1350C (approximately 5C/minute) and the material came out hard and fired. (also see question above)

Q: I'd like to order a non-standard size refractory board (FRACTALINSTM). How do I do this? 

A: Please send us your dimensions and we will contact you.  E-mail us at You may also elect to purchase the standard sizes with a 0.5" or 1" thickness. You may directly add these to the shopping cart by going to the "Price List" section of this site.

Q: Can I machine the FRACTALINSTM and HDFRACTALINS™ boards? 

A: Monolithic boards are extremely easy to machine.  Fractal boards such as Fractalins™, HDFractalins™, and HAFractalins™ are more difficult to machine but may be machined with diamond tip tools.  However, the machining is a delicate operation - please be careful during machining. It is best again to use a qualified ceramics machinist or contact us for machining. We cannot replace a board if you break it. Broken boards may be glued together with FRACTALGLUETM

Q: What is the difference between FRACTALINSTM and FRACTALBALLSTM bonded with FRACTALGLUETM

A: See section on "Typical Use" and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Q: Can I recycle or reuse?

A: Please check with us before you attempt this. Unlike fiber materials, you can recycle the HA FRACTAL materials if you break the board before use.  We do not recommend recycling the HMG1 material after use. 

Q: How do FRACTALINSTM compare with insulation fiberboards?

A: FRACTALBALLSTM, FRACTALINSTM and FRACTALGLUETM do not contain fibers and are environmentally safer all around when compared to fiber containing refractory and especially safer to you during operation, machining, usage, and disposal. 

Q: What after-sales support can I expect?

A: Plenty. All you do is e-mail us your question and we will respond.

Q: If I break a board during shipping, installation or use, will you replace it? 

A: For shipping damage you must contact your shipper for insurance claim. Please retain the original packaging and product and report any external and internal damage immediately to the shipper. All shipments from MATTECH are insured for you. If the insurance agrees to pay, which they do if they confirm shipment damage, you should collect the insurance and reorder from MATTECH ( In the event that the insurance does not agree to pay we cannot replace such boards, but we have an engineering solution for you. If the break is clean, you can acquire the FRACTALGLUETM and join the board. Remember it requires heating by furnace or AirtorchTMAs a free service we will connect you to discounted prices for furnaces, heating elements, hot air generators up to 1300°C or any other ceramic processing equipment.  This service costs you nothing.  All you need to do is e-mail your requirement to us, then we will find the best price for you (if we can) and send you the name of the company you can directly deal with and a copy of the best price offer we have received for you.  We will simultaneously contact the company with your information and bring both of you together.  We do not charge you or the equipment company any commission, and you get a negotiated price from us on which you may act as you wish.  It's free.

Q How do I buy from this site?

A:  Please read  Purchasing Instructions:
Step 1.  Click on 'store front' to access the store front page. If you have a special password from a permanent Mattech agent, go to the "Account" button and login with this password.  (Note that this password is not the Session Agent number.)  This step is only followed if you have been contacted by a permanent Mattech agent.
Step 2.  Please click on any  product link (picture or left bar) to learn more about the product or prices.
Step 3.  If you wish to buy at this time, click on the link to "Add to Shopping Cart" or "Buy Immediately".
Step 4.  Click on any other product and follow steps 2 and 3 for the additional product or click on "Check Out".  (You may review your "Basket Contents" at any time.)
Step 5.  Click on "Check Out".
Step 6.  a) On the screen which now appears, please enter your address account and shipping information. 
      b)  The next screen allows you to verify your order and enter your payment information.  Please enter your session agent information in the proper field in order to receive commission from the transaction.
      c)  Note your order number and keep a copy of this invoice for your records.  After logout, you will receive a mail from Mattech within 24 hours (excluding holidays and weekends) with an acknowledgment.  Mattech will also confirm the approximate shipping date and other details by e-mail.

QWhat if I place a wrong order?

A.  Prior to shipping you will receive an acknowledgment.  You should read this carefully and point out any problems at that stage.  Your credit card is not charged unless both you and MATTECH have understood the order properly.  Not withstanding please be careful during ordering process as you are responsible for the payment of any order placed.

Q: What is the difference between FRACTALINS™ and FRACTALGLUE™ bonded FRACTALBALLS™?

A: The FRACTALIN™ material and the FRACTALGLUE™ bonded FRACTALBALLS™ materials are bulk materials consisting of stacked/bonded FRACTALBALLS™. However, because of differences in the manufacturing process, they display slightly different properties. FRACTALINS™ are factory produced shapes/boards made by a special joining process. The FRACTALGLUE™ bonded FRACTALBALLS™, on the other hand, are made into shapes/boards with the mixing and firing of FRACTALBALLS™ and FRACTALGLUE™ by the user. (See section on how to bond FRACTALBALLS™ with FRACTALGLUE™). The HMG1 material of which the FRACTALBALLS™ are made and FRACTALGLUE™ material may be used to temperatures in excess of 1850°C. 


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