- Typical Use -

  • Thermal Insulation
  • Furnace linings
  • Membranes
  • Liquid metal filters
  • Kiln furniture
  • Crucibles, Boats, Substrates
  • Heat sink 
  • Particle filters  
  • Sound absorption material
  • Light-weight structural applications
  • Bioreactors
  • Electronic substrates and coatings
  • Automotive and diesel filters
  • Combustion burners 
  • Light-weight armor and spill traps
   ...and many more!

(low density, high strength HMG1 balls, various sizes available, use for multipurpose insulation and as the basic building block for large size ceramic structures)

FractalGlue™/ Thinner (for FractalPaste™)

FractalPaste™ (multipurpose paste, use to bond ceramics such as FractalBalls™, other ceramics, fill furnace cracks, even large ones with a mixture of FractalBalls™ and FractalPaste™)

HA FractalBalls™ (low density, high strength alumina balls, various sizes available, use for multipurpose insulation and as the basic building block for large size ceramic structures)

HA Fractalins™
(ceramic boards made of alumina material good to about 1950°C.  High thermal shock resistant.)

HD Fractalins™ (ceramic boards made of HMG1 material good to about 1850°C.  High thermal shock resistant.)

(use against liquid aluminum as a refractory, highly non-wettable)

Tubes (for use at high temperatures and in contact with liquid metals)

(kiln furniture also see boxes and saggers in price list)

 FiberFree™ material inside a furnace.


FRACTALBALLS™and HAFRACTALBALLS™ may be used as thermal insulation, chemical substrates or as structural materials when bonded with FRACTALPASTE™.  Structural materials find use as light weight structures and for acoustic damping.  Preformed structures are FRACTALINS™, HDFRACTALINS™, HAFRACTALINS™ and Filters. HDFRACTALINS™ have a density of ~1.1g/cc, are comprised of bonded FRACTALBALLS™,whereas FRACTALINS™ have a density of ~0.7g/cc.

Use as thermal insulation: FRACTALBALLS™ have very low density, low thermal conductivity, high strength, and a high melting point; they can be formed into any shape and size and can be used in any refractory/insulation parts for high and low temperature application. Unlike other insulation material, FRACTALBALLS™ or FRACTALINS™ or HDFRACTALINS™ have no fibers (fiberfree™).  FRACTALINS™ and HDFRACTALINS™ may be directly substituted for high temperature fiber boards or bricks you may be currently using without the danger posed by short fibers.


Typical applications are:
  • thermal insulation
  • fire protection and stops
  • high temperature furnace linings
  • kiln furniture
  • gas combustion burners

  • commonly used for repairing or relining refractory cracks and holes
  • acoustic dampers (sound insulation)

           Use with liquid metals.


Use for high surface reactivity: FRACTALBALLS™, HA FRACTALBALLS™, FRACTALINS™, HDFRACTALINS™, HAFRACTALINS™and Filters have very high porosity/low density, high strength and a high melting point. They may be used for high temperature filter and membrane substrate applications.


    Other typical applications are:
    (Note the high surface area and porosity from the microstructures shown in Product Specs.)
    • Filter for gases, liquids, or liquid metals
    • Molten metal castings (aluminum, copper, iron)
    • Steam cleaning
    • Light weight coating
    • Oil trapping and recovery, grease filters
    • Chemical and water purification processes
    • Hot-gas filters substrates for electrode
    • Electronic substrates carriers for bioreactors
    • Desiccants
    • Substrates for catalytic converters

    • Usage as light weight structural materials

Use as filter or acoustic damper.


FRACTALBALLS™, FRACTLAINS™, HDFRACTALINS™, and Filters have unique microstructures, very low density, high strength, and high hardness. Typical applications are:
  • Light weight structure materials.
  • Composite manufacture reinforcement additive for metal, ceramic, or polymer.
  • Armor, bio-ceramic, abrasive brake pads etc.

  • Coatings for surfaces (metals, ceramics, and polymers)