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e-Ion Plasma™ Advanced Gen3 LIP System


About the Cascade e-Ion Gen3 LIP System

The e-Ion Plasma LIP GEN3 system allows rapid treating of softer materials such as plastics and bottles. With a highly configurable plume, including an adjustable aperture. The LIP system can be configured for a number of applications that require high energy efficiency and rapid processing.

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Cascade e-Ion Gen3 LIP System Specifications.  G models.
200K/s Heat-up Rate
10-15 kW Power Consumption (Depending on Configuration)
Highly Modular
Highly Accurate Controls
No Water Cooling Required
Ability to Treat Ungrounded Metals
Stainless Steel Construction, Integrated Fan
No Toxic Emissions or Combustion Residues
CleanElectricFlame™ Uses 220/230/240 Input Voltages
Single Phase or 3 Phase
Near Silent Operation
Plume Properties
Recombination Temperature ~2500°K but not the t/c reading
Convective Plasma (variable gas temperature is up to 1600°K)
Heat Transfer Coefficient ~225W/m^2.K.(Compare to 10W/m^2.K)

Example of Plasma Formation - N2+E ->N2++ e or
2N+E -> 2N++2e
Example of Plasma Recombination - 2N++2e -> 2N + E or
2N -> N2 + E

Possible species include O2, N2, O2+ , N2+ , N, O, N+, O+, e−, in e-Ion Plasma of air

Possible species include N2, N2+ , N+, e−, in e-Ion Plasma of nitrogen.

Many elemental or molecular gasses/species can be ionized including Ar, Xe, H2O and others.

Gen3 LIP and other Cascade e-Ion Photos. 

Side by Side LIP GEN3 Units in Operation

Opposing LIP GEN3 Units and Conveyor

Cascade e-Ion Gen3 LIP System Applications

Source Applications
Computer Chips and Integrated Circuits Waste Processing, Waste Gas Processing, Chemical Radical Influencer.
Computer Hard Drives Coatings and Films
Aluminum Treatment No Ground Heat Treating
Electronics RTP Devices Heat >100°C/minute (substrate dependent) Advanced Materials (e.g. Ceramics)
Machine Tools Surface Cleaning
Medical Implants and Prosthetics High-efficiency Lighting
Audio and Video Tapes Plasma Enhanced Chemistry
Automobile and other High-Value Engine Parts Processing of Plastics
Printing on Plastic Food Containers Gas Treatment
Energy-efficient Window Coatings Spraying of Materials
Cleaning Drinking Water Chemical Analysis
Voice and Data Communications Components Semiconductor Production for Computers
Anti-scratch and anti-glare coatings on eyeglasses and other optics TV and Electronics
Microbial Cleaning.  (Please request USDA information). Custom Applications

Cascade e-Ion Gen3 LIP System Models

Cascade e-Ion Gen3 LIP System Models
Model # Voltage kW
G-S-e-10 or G-S-e-14 208/220/230/240 10-16 Depending on Model

The Cascade-e-Ion systems allow for continuous sintering (3Dsintering™) or hardfacing without the use of hydrogen. All ionic gasses are of a reducing kind.

Plasma polymerization of many unique polymers and Glass surface conditioning.

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