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MHI furnaces include energy-efficient modern heating elements with one year warranty when specified on the quotation. 


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Furnace Options
MHI-DACS™ - Data Acquisition System  (Universal) VCA - Metallic End-caps  (Tube Furnaces)
MHI-8DATALOG™ - Monitor up to 8 Thermocouples (Universal) CEC - Ceramic End-caps  (Tube Furnaces)
Hearth Plate  (For Box and Bottom Loading) FST - Furnace Stand  (LTF and Tube Furnaces)
Multi-program Controller (Universal) CEP - Furnace Chimney  (Box and Bottom loading)
PGA - purge gas attachment  (Box Furnaces)

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MHI furnaces are made with thick stainless inside and outside enclosures.