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Gas Steam Boiler

Small Footprint, Easy Operations for a One Atmosphere Steam-gas Boiler

Gas steam boilers were great technology, but combustion derived steam is innately inefficient. Generating steam from combustion and high pressure wastes time, energy and creates numerous safety hazards.   For reviwing new technology please visit OAB (One atmosphere Boiler).  Higher temperatures, better efficiencies and safer operations can improve your process and reduce costs.

  • Small Footprint, Big Output - OAB footprint is under 2.5ft^3, but temperatures are available up to 1300°C.

  • Combustion Free Operations - No combustion flame to waste electricity. The outlet to output efficiency for most OABs is 99%+.

  • No Boiler/Pressure Vessel Certifications - One atmosphere operations mean no high pressure vessels to be inspected. Review the boiler regulations for your state.

  • Configurable Output - Steam at the temperature you need. Temperatures to 1300°C and output up to 200kg/hr.

  • Plug and Play - MHI's OAB is quite possibly the easiest to use industrial steam boiler, ever. Attach water supply, route the output and plug it in. High quality superheated steam is generated within moments.


For more information, see Superheated Steam or One Atmosphere Electric Steam Boiler.  Add a supercharger to your existing boiler.


Industrial Steam Boiler Supercharge existing boilers MHI SC-12



Steam Without the Wait

BoilerFree™ technology allows nearly instant steam production. Most MHI steam generators produce superheated in under a minute from a cold start. With a variety of outputs and configurations available, MHI likely has a solution for your steam application.

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