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Industrial Boiler

Highly Efficient, Compact Industrial Boiler

Industrial boilers have worked great in the 19th and 20th centuries. They can reach 85% efficiency in many circumstances, but they still have significant drawbacks.

  • Temperature Limitations - Industrial boilers are temperature limited by pressure. To get higher temperatures, higher pressure is required. To improve temperature, end users typically must buy a new boiler. To operate at lower temperatures, boilers typically sacrifice efficiency or safety.
  • Combustion Process - Nearly all industrial boilers utilize the combustion process. This leads to NOX production as well as fossil fuel consumption. Combustion processes typically result in low efficiencies and high energy losses.
  • Safety - Pressure vessels can fail and explode. Low water levels can result in boiler overheating and potentially explode. Gas leaks pose an inhalation danger as well as an explosion risk.
  • Certifications - Any boiler or pressure vessels require certifications and inspections. Review the boiler regulations for your state.
  • Difficult to Use - Boiler operation is typically dependent on specific, trained individuals who are trained to read dials and follow numerous safety measures as per local code. Boilers are complicated.

Our industrial steam boilers use 21st century technology. No combustion or pressure vessels. Our patented technologies allow our steam boilers to operate at unparalleled efficiencies, saving you time, money and improving your process.

For more information, see Superheated Steam or One Atmosphere Electric Steam Boiler.

Industrial Steam Boiler

Steam Without the Wait

BoilerFree™ technology allows nearly instant steam production. Most MHI steam generators produce superheated in under a minute from a cold start. With a variety of outputs and configurations available, MHI likely has a solution for your steam application.

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