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Low Pressure Steam Boiler

Low Pressure Steam Boiler

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20th century boilers increase steam temperature by increasing pressure. MHI's low pressure steam boiler devices use patented InstaBoiler™ and BoilerFree™ technologies. These technologies allow MHI devices to generate industry leading 1300°C steam without increasing pressure beyond 1 atmosphere.

  • Low Pressure Operations - All MHI steam devices operate at a low pressure of 1 atmosphere. Our devices can scale temperature and output without ever increasing pressure.
  • No Certifications Required - BoilerFree™ technology means that all of MHI's steam boilers operate at low pressure. No boiler certifications or pressure vessel certifications are required.
  • High Temperature Dry Steam - Our lowest temperature steam devices are hotter than high pressure steam. We offer steam temperatures from 300°C up to 1300°C on standard production models.
  • No Device Idling - Steam when you need it. Because MHI's steam boilers are low pressure, they don't need to build up pressure to get to temperature and maintain operation during low demand periods.
  • No Combustion - Our low pressure steam boilers don't employ any combustion process, resulting in no NOX emissions and greener operations.
  • Modular Design- Our boilers are small. The OAB-4 measures in at 1ft^3 and weighs less than 30kg. Combine the small footprint and plug and play operations, and the OAB is quite possibly the most versatile source of dry superheated steam on the market.

While dry steam isn't optimal for every application, it is an excellent replacement for many. With a high energy content and low moisture content, dry steam is ideal for applications such as steam drying, process uses and other applications seeking to avoid traditional boiler issues and certifications.

For more information, see Superheated Steam or One Atmosphere Electric Steam Boiler.

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