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Low Pressure Steam Generator

Low Pressure Steam Boiler / Generator

Relax! MHI's full line of steam generators operate at 1 atmosphere relative pressure. No combustion, no open flames. Just plug it in and get high quality superheated steam!

  • Low Pressure Operations - All of our steam generation products are 1 atmosphere. No high pressures, no boiler inspections and no confusing Tsat and Psat calculations are required. 1 Atmosphere Steam at temperatures from 300°C to 1300°C.
  • Highly Efficient - Outlet to output efficiency ratings for all MHI steam devices exceed 99%. Save big on energy costs.
  • Zero Idle Operations - High pressure boilers typically idle to provide steam on demand. Most of MHI's steam boilers and generators can be powered on demand without any loss of efficiency.
  • Combustion Free - Zero combustion means no wasted energy and zero harmful NOX emissions.
  • Modular and Portable - Small device footprints along with plug and play operations allow the device to be situated near the point of operation.

Low pressure steam is a relatively new technology. Older technology typically relies on increasing the input (such as natural gas/oil) burn rate, or increasing the pressure (ie, 4bar maximum temperature is 144°C) to increase the steam output temperature. This means that in most cases, to achieve higher temperatures, the boiler's pressure vessel must become thicker (see: heavier, more obtrusive) to withstand the higher pressures. MHI's BoilerFree™ technology allows us to ramp temperatures and output without increasing pressure or consumables. Steam output is available from 1kg to over 200kg, and temperatures from 300°C to over 1300°C.

For more information, see Superheated Steam or One Atmosphere Electric Steam Boiler.

OAB Electric Steam Boiler
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