Tankless Instant Steam Generator

High Efficiency Superheated Steam Generator - Without a Pressure Vessel

BoilerFree™ and InstaBoiler™ technologies allow MHI to offer tankless steam generators. No pressure vessel, no certifications and no waiting for the device to get to temperature from a cold start.

  • No Tank or Pressure Vessel - Provide any MHI steam generator with a uniform, steady supply of water and electricity and it is ready to operate. No waiting, no high pressure assemblies.
  • Pure Clean Steam - Endotoxin free, clean and pure steam is generated by MHI devices. Our high operating temperatures help eliminate issues encountered with low temperature steam.
  • Modular Design - No tanks or pressure vessels means that MHI steam generators are small. Device footprints start at 1ft^3 and don't grow exponentially as output specifications increase.
  • No Pressure, High Efficiency - All of MHI's steam products are 99%+ outlet to output efficient. Convert electricity to steam while minimizing losses resulting from combustion.
  • Unparalleled Temperatures - MHI steam devices offer temperatures from 300™C to over 1300°C. Output capacities are available to 200kg/hr in standard production models.

MHI tankless instant steam generator products can help reduce boiler idling time, energy consumption and other inefficiencies associated with traditional boilers.

For more information, see Superheated Steam or One Atmosphere Electric Steam Boiler.

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