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UltraCoil™ & MagnaCoil™ FAQs

Coils and Coil containing Radiators may be purchased in the two configurations shown below.


MagnaCoil™ Free Radiator Configuration (Figure 1 below)
UltraCoil™ or MagnaCoil Enclosed Refractory Configuration (Figure 2 below)
  (Click to Robust Radiator page for available models)

Basic FAQ's

  1. If used in an enclosed refractory configuration (see figures below) the temperature of the enclosure which can be achieved has to be calculated carefully and depends in the type of enclosure, the thickness of the enclosure and the power available from the coil. Please contact MHI for this calculation for your specific application.
  2. At the temperature of use, after a steady state condition has been reached, the free radiator configuration will draw more current than the refractory encased configuration. See example below.
  3. MHI can supply the ceramic enclosure, caps for he enclosure and the complete electronics required. Please contact MHI for a detailed quote or for Robust Radiator.
  4. Most important: Do not exceed the rated amps. Please call MHI for your specific configuration coil for optimal use in the free radiation configuration (figure 1). Please use proper coil accessories and supports.
  5. Use MagnaCoil™ from room temperature to high temperature. For Robust Radiator click here.


1 Inch Energized Magnacoil

Robust Radiator
please contact MHI for power, voltage, and current calculation.
please contact MHI for power, voltage, and current calculation.

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