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High Uniformity G-Robust Radiators (GRR) and Hot-Sleeves for 1250°C/1300°C User Applications


Design Your GRR Robust Radiator Heater With This Calculator

Multi-Zone Capable.  Provided with Non-toxic Ceramic Enclosure

Please contact MHI for dimensions of GRR.  Note that the dimensions below are for heated.  Use with DC or AC (50/60 Hz) current..

GRR Model ID (in) L (in) (add 2" for total length) Power (kW) (Nominal) Control Panel Volts**
GRR1(3)-110 1 3 1 IBPAN-110 115/120
GRR2(2)-120 2 2 1.4 IBPAN-110 110120
GRR2(4)-220 2 4 2.5 IBPAN-220 220/230
GRR2(10)-220 2 10 6 IBPAN-220 220/230
GRR 2(8)-220 2 8 5 IBPAN-220 220/230
GRR 3(6)-220 3 6 6 IBPAN-220 220/230
GRR 4.5(2)-220 4.5 2 3 IBPAN-220 220/230

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GRR High Uniformity Robust Radiators may be used to approximately 1300°C.
For temperatures higher than 1300°C for the Robust Radiator, please click on Robust Radiators.

Provide the ID and desired length of your heated zone to calculate the maximum power below for GRR™ Robust Radiator.

 Heated Zone ID:
Heated Zone Length:
GRR Power:

GRR Robust Radiator with Stainles SteelRobust Radiator GA-XP Coil

Schematic of Heated Zone ID and L.

Piciture show with stainless steel eneclosure and without and the basic heating zone dimensions.

** Plug-in voltage indicates closest IBPAN preference. The GRR unit-temperature (including the element maximum temperature, GAXP -1400C), rated amperage (current) or power, cannot be exceeded in any configuration of use.   Configuration of use changes with end caps, load, flow, placement of control thermocouple and extent of insulation. 

Sleeve Heaters

High Temperature Sleeve Heaters

High temperature sleeve heaters

High Temperature Sleeve Heaters

High temperature sleeve heaters


Use for individual zone heaters in zone refining operations

Model # Max Power (Watts) Heated Length (A) Overall Length (B) ID (C) OD (D)
SLH1.5 350 0.25 in 2 in 1.5 in 5 in
SLH-3.0 800 0.25 in 2 in 3 in 6.5 in



Unlimited Power witth Multiple Zones

  • High power density
  • Volume pricing
  • Non-toxic fiber-free enclosure
  • Match to your line voltage if required
  • Full line of electronic controls available
  • Rapid Delivery

Live Customer Support by phone (513-772-0404) or email. Typical Single and Multi Zone Configurations. Terminal Connectors Shown for Each Zone End-caps and other accessories available, see section on Robust Radiators.

Multi Zone GRR stacked units

Multi Zone Stacked GRR modules. 6 Stack Module.

Robust Radiator
Heated Zone ID: 0.5" Length: 3"

Robust Radiator
Heated Zone ID: 4" Length: 3"


  • Click link above for:
  • Details of Applications
  • Power Calculator above
  • RF/MW applications
  • Non toxic substrates

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