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Industrial Scale Horizontal Tube Furnace

Large Industrial-Scale Horizontal Tube Furnace



  • Ideal for uniformity when vacuum or atmosphere conditions are required.
  • Particularly useful for large parts, materials processing, production simulation.
  • Useful for gas preheating, simgas, biomass ans other energy products.
  • Useful for vacuum or inert brazing 10^-3 torr.  Tube length can be varied.
  • Long uniform length - a MHI specialty,
  • Full line of end caps for accurate atmosphere control.
  • SIMGAS4 gas controls for mixture at moderate flow rates.
  • Great for developing protoype processes and beyond
Large Industrial Horizontal Tube Furnace

Large Industrial-Scale Horizontal Tube Furnace
Model Number Temperature Tube Dimensions in inches for Hot Zone Process Tube Provided
575H-14HT 1400°C 4", or 5.75" ID x ~16-50" L*

Metallic for upto 1250°C

Ceramic above 1250°C

575H11-17HT 1700°C 4" or 5.75" ID x 14-50" L* Ceramic

Tube dimensions are 4 - 5.75" ID x 15-50 (or longer)" L

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SIMGAS3 models Tube furnaces serve the materials and electronic community when processing has to be carried out in vacuum or gas atmospheres. One can expect excellent temperature uniformity with MHI tube furnaces. We can also provide you with a complete custom gas control panel, with gas lines and controls.

Multi-Zone Tube Furnace

Three Zone Tube Furnaces include HIPAN controllers with Master/Slave option. Each controller is equipped with an independent over-temperature control. Three zone furnaces feature temperatures up to 1760°C and heated tube lengths of 27". Multi-zone furnaces feature high uniformity due to their design and the use of multiple HIPAN controllers. HIPAN controllers

Multi-Zone furnaces feature excellent uniformity throughout the heated tube, along with highly useful controls that allow for precise step programming.

3-Zone Horizontal Tube Furnace Models
Model Number Temperature Heated Tube Dimensions
3H14HT-2.5x27 1400°C
(2552°F Max)
2.5"D x 27"L
3H18-40HT-2.5x27 Up to 1760°C
(1800°C/3272°F Max)

2.5"D x 27"L

Customizable for a higher diameter tube



Rotary Tube Furnace
Rotary Tube Furnace with Controls and SIMGAS4

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