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Hot Plasma Sources
  (used for Aluminum, Silver, Bismuth, Gold alloy dross reduction processing)

Cold Plasma Sources

DRO Cascade e-ion source

Typical Energy, Dross and Melting Rate Values

We offer DRO Cascade e-Ion plasma devices for retrofitting your existing melter or for constructing a new melter of your choice. We can fabricate the melter for you or work with your preferred vendor for aluminum melting furnaces. The concept designs for a melter can often be provided by us at no charge if you choose to fabricate or have fabricated a melter with our plasma device. If you or your existing vendor would like to retrofit an existing melter design to additionally incorporate the DRO Cascade e-Ion plasma unit, please contact our technical team who will work with you for the process.


Plasma melting sources are available from small to high kW units. Please contact us for details and prices.

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