Paint Removal from Metallic Surfaces: Two Cost-
Effective and Environmentally-safe Approaches
V. K. Kuppa, PhD
University of Dayton Research Institute
vikram.k[email protected]
Paints Employed Coating on 3mm Aluminum strip
Before Treatment
After Treatment
[LEFT]: Yellow paint softens after treatment for 3 seconds with MHI steam-cleaning technology. Paint is easily removed by
[RIGHT]: Black (hi-temperature) paint is removed after treatment with MHI Cascade e-Ion technology. No flammable by-
product, and treatment time can be varied for optimal paint and/or primer removal
MS-400 on
OAB and delivery tube devices
Multi-axis Positioning Under the Beam. Full Flexibility Of Use Space
Overall Machine Schematic
with stand
Cascade e-Ion Plasma Beams
Materials Handling Stages. Generally user scope. This is
typically discussed with user after user has gained direct
experience with the CleanElectricPlume®
Cascade e-Ion Technology
Steam Products