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High Pressure High Temperature Airtorch

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Low Pressure Drops.


  • The versatile Airtorch®, MightySteam®, or Radiative Panels can enormously impact climate mitigation. Ask MHI for compact electrical systems that offer energy-saving in the KW to MW power range.
  • Are you mission-ready for zero GHGs (greenhouse gas emissions) and complying with the mandates for energy savings, water savings, and permanent metallic antimicrobial clean surfaces with MHI Inc.’s innovative, sustainable, and responsible climate solutions?
  • Hit your energy efficiency and deep decarbonization targets confidently in energy-intensive industries. Leverage MHI’s reputation for quality, reliability, customer engagement, and advanced technology production methods. Decarbonization is inherent to high sustainability metrics.
  • MHI focuses on highly efficient, high-emissivity, decarbonizing technologies to give you a competitive edge for deep decarbonization.

MHI manufactures industrial and prototype-scale, high-quality thermal products.

MHI Airtorch®, steam generators, plasma, high-power compact heating elements and panels, furnaces, and process-heat generators offer remarkable energy efficiencies. Such improvements in high-temperature technology make the most significant climate impact by delivering high power densities for high productivity.

Industrial Decarbonization refers to reducing carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrous oxide (NOx), and methane (CH4) emissions to the atmosphere from industrial activity. Decarbonization aims to eliminate industrial carbon dioxide and equivalent GHG emissions by replacing combustion with clean electric heating methods. Deep decarbonization requires switching to clean energy sources, using ecomaterials, and shifting from fossil fuels to electric heating. A significant impact on decarbonization is possible with the industrial MightySteam® and Airtorch®—Clean Energy Solutions for a Smart Factory.

Tips on choosing equipment for decarbonization.

Power Panel High Power

300+KW MHI Power and Temperature Control Panels

Airtorch® 1000C output with low-pressure drop

Choice of Depositors and  Steam Generators

Steam Tunnels

Plasma and Steam Solutions

The new wave surfaces for Cooking
Cast Iron Cherry Skillet

Cast Iron Cherry Skillet

Clean – Decarbonize

MHI – Micropyretics Heaters International

A global leader in smart-power industrial device technologies.  Successfully navigating the global grand-challenges in energy efficiency, sustainability and decarbonization for all our customers.

We strive to assist our customers build deeper relationships, cut costs, and improve their work-productivity.

Across nearly every industry and region, OEMs and end-users are looking for ways to improve their heat-treat equipment and processes. They are facing increasingly stringent NOx emissions regulations while being challenged to be more eco-friendly by reducing fuel usage and their carbon footprint. All MHI products offer substantial water savings and energy efficiency with zero combustion, aligning with the sustainability needs in the commercial and industrial sectors. Being ecologically sensitive provides better returns on investment.

Decarbonization, sustainability, energy efficiency, clean manufacturing, and antibacterial qualities are critical attributes of MHI products. To ensure their products conform to the evermore complex framework of energy use regulations, all manufacturers must undertake initiatives to improve energy performance, develop clean and sustainable energy, and protect the environment.

MHI has surpassed several industry sustainability goals – 15 years ahead of time. MHI’s strengths are state-of-the-art technologies with rapid fabrication, manufacture, design, service, and value-added efficient engineering products. Testimonials.

MHI has invented new topographical and topological materials such as Quasi-R® nano-materials and composites.

Depositors and sintering aids are available.

Systems integration with the best materials/modern electronics and efficient thermal management.

 See the page on Energy and Materials Trivia—–Sustainability with Simplicity.

MHI provides end-to-end visibility for prompt customer support—transparent low prices on the MHI web store.

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MHI provides practical sustainability solutions. Green technologies.

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