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Molybdenum Disilicide (MoSi2) Heating Elements

Classes of Heating Element Products

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3mm/6mm   4mm/9mm  
6mm /12mm   9mm/18mm   12mm/24mm
Heating Coils    Robust Radiator   Pancake Elements  Glow Panel GAXP Custom

MP™ Class: Conventional U-shaped MP class Molybdenum disilicide elements may be heated to 1900°C. The MP1800 type elements are more commonly used and are able to achieve 1830°C. (see table below). 

MHI is US manufacturer and direct supplier of Molybdenum disilicide (MoSi2) electric heating elements. We offer intelligent elements that often last longer and save energy without impacting total costs. MHI's MoSi2 elements feature patented technologies that differentiate them from the pack. We expect that elements will exceed your normal expectations.*

MHI also offers custom elements able to meet your power and control demands, so you can focus on business. MHI can design and manufacture a solution for your heating needs. Contact Us


Available Molybdenum Disilicide Configurations
Bent Elements Bent Heating Elements
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Straight Heating Elements
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Pancake Flat/Spiral Heating Elements
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Product Name
Maximum Element Working Temperature
Recommended Furnace Temperature**

**  This is recommended temperature for modern three layer insulated furnaces like MHI furnaces when new.  Note that the recommended temperature will be lower for furnaces which are not insulated well or have aged considerably. 

MHI offers a complete array of replacement heating elements for high temperature ovens and furnaces.

PETROX-EC™  coatings are standard in MHI furnace's elements.  This coating allows for a more efficient electrical contact and lower terminal temperatures thus ensuring longer life and providing an energy benefit.

* The life of materials varies and depends on conditions of use.  There are no guarantees nor has MHI tested in all conditions.  We do offer small lot purchases so that you can try in your application.  We have testimonials which lead us to believe that we are a well-known good supplier.

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