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MHI Hot Tops Heaters

Hot Tops

Patents Issued and Pending



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Hot Tops

HotTops™ offer a highly configurable heat source, allowing for radiative, convective, plasma or combinations of heat delivery. They feature intense, focused heat in a variety of complex shapes that the unit is placed on, allowing for a custom application to match your application. Light weight/



Please call 513-772-0404 to discuss your specific application or to request a quote.


Heated Area:  5.5" OD for Standard Models  

Max Power: ~ 4-6 kW Up to 1700°C


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Product Information

HotTops™ are intense heaters that offer radiative, convective, plasma, and combination heat sources for energy delivery. Compared to IR heaters, HotTops™ are more intense, more robust and offer higher temperatures.

The HotTops™ (hot top heater) can also be configured to complex shapes whereas IR heaters are necessarily straight.

HotTops™ may be controlled over a range of temperatures and powers adding versatility.

HotTops™ are generally used upside down (1900°C inside heater element configuration), sideways, or with Airtorch™ configuration. For down side up heating see Thermoplate. Multiple HotTops™ can be controlled by MHI Multi Zone Electronics.
  • Standard and Custom Models Available (standard model number is PH-SE-8.0 (REV 6))

  • Complete Integrated Electronics

  • Guaranteed Supply with MHI Replacement Parts and Heating Elements

  • FiberFree Ceramics

  • Thermal shock resitant base.
  • Patented Design

Please email us or call (513) 772-0404




HotTops™ unique patented design also offers very constructive features

  • Green Sustainable

  • Clean Grain Boundaries

  • Clean Equiaxed

  • Allows careful and quick application of intense heat



Brazing, softening, re-capture metals

Heat Treatment


Directional Solidification




Technical Specifications

  • Max Temperature: Chamber Temperature 1700°C 

  • Heated Area:  5.5" OD for Standard Models  

  • Max Power: ~ 4-6 kW Standard Model

  • Dimensions: ~11" Diameter x 12.75" Height

  • Heating Element Specs:  MHI Patented MP1850 Heating Elements 

  • Electrical Specs: 208/220/230/240V Single Phase Use BPAN-O-PLUS

  • FiberFree Refractory™.  Amazing thermal cracking reistance.


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