About Micropyretics Heaters International, MHI Inc.

Major Driver for MHI Innovation:  Preserve the Quality of Energy, Reduce Energy Use with Radically Advanced Thermal Materials and Products. Retain the quality of energy with high temperature. Decarbonize.

MHI has been in business for over 30 years with a stellar global record of performance that encompasses, at its core, the tradition of rapid invention, innovation, and manufacturing for energy efficiency and environmental impact. Today the company exports products to over 25 countries worldwide and is one of the few Ohio companies with such an experienced innovation profile. MHI headquarters are located in Cincinnati, OH, USA. MHI plants are located in Cincinnati, USA, and other cities.

MHI operates with deep patent protection for its nanostructured materials and methods, novel thermal materials and devices, Airtorch®, steam and methods, and the cascade e-ion modern plasma devices and methods. All its manufactured products are protected by patents (US and International).

MHI has over a thousand decarbonized customers with good testimonials worldwide, particularly for service and after-sales interactions. MHI was founded in late 1991 and, soon after, started R&D operations with one employee in a business incubator. Repeat, and growing sales ensued around 1994-1995, the first of MoSi2 heating elements followed by energy-efficient furnaces and devices that used these heating elements, along with other accessories and electronics developed exclusively for these products. Over the years, MHI has grown vertically, making its unique electronics, refractories, materials, controls, software systems, designs, and components since 1996. It currently has a highly versatile, modular platform of technologies and products from which new products and innovations are launched; these include the nanostructured heaters,  superheated steam generators, Airtorch®, Quasi-R®, and the Cascade e-Ion Plasma™. MHI offers attractive Never-down™ repair warranties. The website for MHI is www.mhi-inc.com.