What is a Smart Industrial Green Device?
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It’s GREEN equipment when the equipment produce no GHGs (Greenhouse Gases), and works with the highest energy efficiency.

Energy Savings with the Airtorch® and MightySteam.  Click here.

How many lbs. of CO2 do you not make when you convert to electric heating?

Some combustible fuels contain carbon only (like coal), and some have carbon and hydrogen (like natural gas). For every 1 kWh of energy produced or converted by electric methods instead of by burning carbon-containing fuel, one prevents the production of 0.2-2kg of CO2, depending on the replaced combustible fuel. More calculations.

With some fossil fuels, one emits methane and NOx. These are far more potent greenhouse gases than even CO2. The emissions from fossil fuel heating are reported as CO2 equivalence (i.e., CO2 plus the CO2 equivalence of Methane, NOX, SO2, and carbon particles).

Link to Decarbonization Roadmap (DOE Document)

Energy, Climate, and Business Awards of MHI


  • Viable – Creating centers of economic activity with technologies and products that benefit the environment in antibacterial and clean,
  • Sustainable/Simple – Green systems.
  • Ideas – MHI patented energy-efficient ideas.
  • Operational Efficiencies—Improve operational efficiency with MHI products, MHI production processes, and packaging techniques, and push for energy efficiency.

  • Non-Toxic—MHI technologies like Fiberfree™, NoAge™, and No-sound e-Ion Plasma help provide green benefits for our customers.

MHI Awards

Awards for Energy Efficiency, Environment, and Good Business Processes

MHI Awards

MHI wins the prestigious RD100 award for the fourth time!

And several more energy awards…

Plasma Systems

Use Hot R&D 100 AwardsElectric - No Gas Flamesclick here to read moreAir, Hot H2,  Hot CO, or Proper High-Temperature Steam for a Clean Environment



OAB Steam Generator

Superheated Steam Generators

Plasma Aluminum Melting Furnace

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Decarbonized Modern Electrical Steam Generator

Modern Electrical Steam Generator

Schematic of the Cascade e-Ion Machine

up to 1800°C

Non-toxic refractory

Airtorch® Process Gas Heaters

High Power Saving Efficiency

e-Ion Plasma

Energy-Efficient Air Plasma

Heating Elements
up to 1900°C


Petrox-EC Technology


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