High-Temperature Heating Elements

Industrial heating processes can be broadly categorized as low-temperature (to about 250 °C), medium-temperature (between 250°C or 750°C ), and high-temperature (beyond 750°C ). Low-temperature processes include cooking, drying, curing, molding, finishing, joining, and shaping plastics. Medium temperature processes include melting plastics and some non-metals for casting or reshaping, as well as annealing, stress-relieving, and heat-treating metals. High-temperature processes include industrial casting, heat treating, plasma, chemical reactions, material manufacture, and many more.   MHI is an excellent source for your heating needs. MHI heating elements offer climate-sensitive materials and other patented compositions that enhance energy efficiency and sustainability.

Replacement Heaters MHI Furnaces and Other Brand Furnaces


Heating Element for 12V, and 24V,

Connect in series for 120V, 208V



Robust Radiator™


Connectors & Accessories

Are you tired of changing and paying for heating elements that don’t last even a year? Call MHI for new directions.  Yes – we offer a one year warranty on several types of patented elements.

A Schematic of HotCoilRod(TM) heating element.  Material GAXP(TM)  (1450C)
Use for Large Furnace Applications.  Both Low Power -coils. and High Power the HCR rods.

Coils up to 8KW

HCR(TM). Choice of single side terminal or both sides.  Long Cartridge type.

Custom Shapes

Click here for plug-in Coils up 3KW or  5KW

Ionic, Radiative, Convective and Steam Heating Tools

e-Ion Zapper™ Furnace

Zapper Furnace

Over 90% Efficient

Rapid 200K/s Heat-up

Uniform Heat

Silent and Odorless Operation

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MHI Inc. is an integrated manufacturer of heating elements, heater elements and high temperature tools. We have been awarded numerous patents for our novel, high quality, and durable heating products. Our products speak for themselves.

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Suggested applications include: Furnaces (both MHI replacements and Others), AC/DC Electromagnetics, Acoustics and Vibrations, Batteries, Fuel Cells, and Electrolytic Processes, Bioscience and Bioengineering, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Electromagnetic Heating, ceramics and composites, melting furnaces, Geophysics and Geomechanics, Tool Bits, Coatings, Hardfacing, Fuel Development, Shrink Label and Shrink Wrap, On Rigs Syeam, Heat Transfer and Phase Change, MEMS and Nanotechnology, Microfluidics, Multiphysics, Optics, Photonics and Semiconductors, Optimization and Inverse Methods, Simulations, Particle Tracing, Piezoelectric Devices, Plasma Physics, RF and Microwave Engineering, Simulation Methods and Teaching, Research projects, Structural Mechanics and Thermal Stresses, Subsurface and Porous Media Flow, Transport Phenomena, ovens, heaters, replacement heaters. high flux heaters. Try out GAXP spirals in ESEM and SEM use.  Try S12-200 as a source.