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Superheated Steam Generators

HGA-S -01 for variable 1 Kg/hr of steam at 400°C
HGA-S-CX-1300 1 Kg/hr of steam at 1300°C

OAB models for 4-12 Kg/hr steam from 300°C- 1300 °C




Ultra-High Temperature Super Steam

HGA-S-CX1300 High Temperature Steam Generator
Dry steam up to 1300°C
1 atmosphere pressure standard, higher pressures available
Plug-and-play system
1/4” NPT outlet for easy connection to existing piping
Quick-disconnect water inlet
Standard integrated K-type process thermocouples
120V/220V AC outlet compatible
High temperature steam chamber available
Use as steam reaction chamber or pass-through steam enhancer
Optional MHI BPAN-O-PLUS controller provides enhanced closed-loop feedback process control.  MHI-DACS compatible.
Integrated over-temperature thermocouple protects against overheating
Standard peristaltic pump allows metered water input. Adjustable range from 0-32mL/minute, higher flows available
Integrated pressure relief valve for safe operation
Approximately 2kW+ total system power for research use (this model).  Higher power industrial units available.  Please link to OAB.
Compact design
All stainless steel construction
Highly efficient
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High Pressure High Temperature Steam

Control steam temperature from 100C to 750C up to 4 atmosphere.

BPE and Pressonomizer required

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