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If you know the HGA or OAB model for your request please ignore the rest of the form and simply add the model nuber to the comments box below.

For an OAB® or a HGA quote request, please indicate the temperature and amount of steam per hour.

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If replacing an old boiler with the new generation OAB® please note that many older style Boilers are sometimes rated in BHP which stands for Boiler Horse Power (1 BHP = 9.8 kW = 33,500 BTU/hr).

OAB® steam generators may use much lesser power than most conventional pressure, or vacuum, steam boilers for the same objective. Examples are shown on the steam applications page. For superheater-only requests, please indicate the SCFM required. A MHI representative can assist with this information if required. Please indicate additional details of the attachment boiler (such as electric, gas, quality (water content) of the boiler steam) in the remarks box. Thank you.