Hot-Plates & Glow-Panel Radiators

Thermoplate™ and Glow-Panels™

Thermoplate™and HeatPads™are rated by the temperature and surface area.

Glow-Panels™ are rated by the device power, radiation area and the radiating temperature.

One year warranty on heating elements/heaters on select Thermoplate™ Models.



Models with Large Plate Sizes


Up to 3.5″ diameter

Slim Line

Industrial GlowPanel™



Plate Shape is Square.  Uniformity is

reported along the diagonal.

Plate Size 9″x 9″       Diagonal Uniformity 9″

Plate Size 18″ x 18″   Diagonal Uniformity 18″

TLID Available


Several Models

Vertical.  High KW density.

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MHI offers a variety of specialized surface and radiative heaters

High Life, High Warranty, High Power, High Temperature, High Heat-up Rate, Large Hot Plate Size, specially constructed TLID with t/c is included in select models

Thermoplate Models

Thermoplate™ Hot Plate Size

9″L x 9″W

Hot Plate Size

18″L x 18″W

MHI Controls
600°C 9″L x 9″W 

(Web Special)

18″L x 18″W
HP220-GAXP-600 (18×18)
208-240V 50/60Hz

Single Phase

1000°C 9″L x 9″W
HP220-GAXP-1000 (9×9)
18″L x 18″W
HP220-GAXP-1000 (18×18)
 208-240V 50/60Hz

Single Phase

1200°C 9″L x 9″W
NA or Custom

Please consider HOT-Top for this temperature

 208-240V 50/60Hz

Single Phase

1400°C 9″L x 9″W


NA or Custom

Please consider HOT-Top for this temperature

MHI Controls
208-240V 50/60Hz
1500°C 9″L x 9″W


NA or Custom

Please consider HOT-Top for this temperature

MHI Controls
208-240V 50/60Hz

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Glow Panel Radiator Models    

Glow Panels

Heat with >150 W/

18″L x 24 “W

Vertical or Horizontal

Special Industrial
Thermoplate (TM)

New GiantHeat

Upright and Sleeve Panels

Vertical Panels

18″L x 18 “W

36″L x 36 “W

MHI Thermoplates™ are an industrial grade, high power, high temperature hot plate capable of reaching temperatures of 1400°C within 4 seconds after initially reaching full power. Ideal for use as a laboratory hot plate. Thermoplates™ feature a stainless steel construction and electronic controls. Thermoplates™ are offered with quartz or ceramic tops, both exhibiting excellent uniformity.

General Information
  • Radiative Power: High power relative to other hot plates available (up to 7 kW for Thermoplate). Please request quote.
  • Temperature: Up to 1400°C depending on model.
  • Construction: Stainless steel construction. See pictures below for display of complex ceramics mated for high temperature and thermal expansion considerations.
  • 4 Second heat-up rate after reaching full power.
  • Sleek Quartz or Radiative Ceramic top for easy cleaning and rapid heat up. Special 1400°C tops- please contact MHI.
  • Spiral and other elements give extremely uniform temperature distribution.
  • Special high uniformity RTP heaters are also available.
  • Independently locatable control electronics shown below.
  • MHI is the leader for calibration of the device to process for all Thermoplates.

Internal features of the Thermoplate construction include combinations of special ceramics and metals with the UltraSpiral heating element as shown in pictures below. Choice of tops (closed and open) up to 1800°C. Please contact MHI.

closed top radiator

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Complex Heating Element Provides Excellent Uniformity in Thermoplates.  Years of Use.

Best Grill top Craftmanship

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Advanced Materials and Superior Craftsmanship across the Thermal System/Device.  Unparalleled engineering.

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Workmanship with composites

MHI Technology in high-temperature metal-ceramic composites and thermal matching ability, ensure long service-life.

High Temperature Grill Top

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Customer Feedback

Hot plate:
“…experience was that the hot plate center would get to temperature first then over time the edges would come up to temperature and be uniform. I believe once steady state was reached the uniformity was +/- 2 or 3C.

Please call MHI on details and full explanation. The uniformity depends on the thermal environment and other factors.

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