Hot Plates and High Heat Flux Radiators

Thermoplate™ and Thermotables™ are Hot-Plates with surface temperatures above 600°C, 1000C, 1200C, and  1400°C (Thermotable). The TLID is available for all models.

High Heat Flux Thermpoplate™ models with grill tops allow direct radiation heating depending on spacing. The Grill-top material may be used to 1700°C.

  • Thermoplate™ and   High Heat Flux Themoplates are wide-area high-temperature products rated by temperature and surface area.
  • The rating of a surface heating device is by the device power, heat flux, radiation area, type of top, and the radiating temperature, which can be as high as 1850°C.
  • The heating is with an optimized coverage heater.
  • The top can be partially-open (grill or hole top) or even a fully open “open top” model for direct coverage with high heat flux.
  •  To discuss the unit that is best for your application.
  • Choice of Tops for Thermoplates and High heat-flux Thermoplates and Thermotables.
  • Surface heating devices offer radiator temperatures from 1300°C to 1850°C.
  • Plate tops and high heat flux grill tops to 1700°C.

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    9″ x 9″ 1000°C Thermoplate


    Hot Plate uniformity depends on the coverage. With the TLID (optional), the uniformity is within ±2°C on the Plate for even the 18 “x18” models (customer report).

    Thermoplate with TLID

    Thermoplate with TLID

    What is a TLID™? It is an insulated lid-chamber with about 1.5″ of uniform chamber space from the horizontal Plate to the TLID- roof. Chambers inside the TLID contain a thermocouple integrated with them.   The lid chambers provide a canopy for large loads with exceptional temperature uniformity. The TLID chamber has an integrated guided mechanism for quick and safe lid insertion. There is no standard Lid for the Glow Panel (GP models); however, MHI can offer custom swivel closing hinged devices (like a door) for the GP models.

Ordering High Heat Flux Thermoplates and Thermotables

  1. A ThermoPlate with power 4KW with a  solid top. The bottom of the Plate sees 1400°C radiation. The top plates prevent radiation from escaping.   The heating elements operate at 1850C.
  2. A ThermoGrill with power  4KW with an open grill-top. The bottom of the grill sees 1700°C+  radiation. The heating elements operate at 1850°C. The spacing between the grill rods can be adjusted.

Each Thermoplate comes with its high uniformity electronic temperature/power controller and transformer. A picture of a Thermoplate is shown below. The height is almost ~5.”

Hot Plate

In the 9″ x 9″ size, the options are:

  1. A Thermotable-Platetop with a Plate Top with a maximum power of 14KW with a  solid top. The bottom of the pate sees 1380C -1400°C radiation. The top plates prevent radiation from escaping.   The heating elements operate at 1850°C.
  2. A Thermotable-Grilltop with a Grill Top maximum power of 14KW with an open grill top. The bottom of the grill sees 1700°C+  radiation
    rill top high heat flux hot plate

    ThermoTable-Grilltop 1700°C Grilltop

    . The heating elements operate at 1850C. The spacing between the grill rods can be adjusted.

Each Thermotable has its high uniformity electronic temperature/power controller and transformer. The thermostable is provided with a TLID. The TLID is a cover plate with a space of ~1″ between the top of the Plate or Grill and the inside of the TLID. The Plate or grill is inside the top lid. The total height is almost ~22″ for a Thermotable.

The Thermoplate is offered with various temperature tops and high heat flux configurations

Thermoplate Models

Thermoplate Models

To request a quotation please request ThermoPlate, ThermoGrill or ThermoTable with a Plate-top or High Heat-flux Grilltop.
Thermoplate Plate Top. 1000°C/1200°C.
MHI HP220-GAXP®-1000 and 1200
Models 9″x 9″ and 18″x 18″
The plate bottom is heated by a heating assembly of 1400°C
Unit height about 5″

9″x 9″ (4KW) and
18″x 18″ (15KW)
Panel Plate Top
Unit height about 5″

Thermotable High Fux
9″x9″ (14KW)
Grill Top
The grill bottom is heated by a heating assembly of 1800°C. radiators
Unit height about 18″”


Best uniformity is obtained with the TLID option

Multi-panel plates.


Versatile furnace and heater control panel

Versatile Thermoplate™ Programmable  Control Panels

Usable Plate Size 9″ x 9″ Diagonal Uniformity 9.”

Usable Plate Size 18″ x 18″   Diagonal Uniformity 18″

600°C, 700°C, 1000°C, 1200°C, 1400°C [Thermoplate™ and Thermotable™] with Plate.

1700°C-1800°C [High Heat Flux Power Radiator Only]- the temperature is element temperature. The grill top available is up to 1700C.

A grill top may be used wth a Thermoplate (4KW Radiator) or with a Thermotable (14KW radiator).

Contact MHI for the new SuperPower ThermoTable™ Models.

Thermoplate™, Thermotable™, and Glow-Panels™

Compared with other commercial Hot Plates.  MHI offers a one-year warranty on heating elements/heaters on select Thermoplate™ – Hot Plate Models.

Thermoplates™ offers High Life, High Warranty, High Power, High Temperature, High Heat-up Rate, and large Hot-plate size availability. Thermoplates are similar to hot plates – used in a horizontal condition. MHI hot plate and glow panel models are specially constructed with thermal shock-resistant materials. Most models offer the optional guided TLID chamber (t/c  included in select TLID models).  The temperature and power control panel provided with the Thermoplates may be used to set a precise temperature or a profile – read and control functions are included for versatile process programming.  The Ethernet system for data acquisition may be used to plot, save or download the data, i.e., remote monitoring capabilities.

Oxygen Sensor in Thermoplate

Oxygen Sensor in Thermoplate™ [Inside the TLID]

More Surface Heating Devices

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HOT-TOPS™ and Glow Panels for Top Heating, Bottom Heating, and Vertical Heating Configurations

(please click on the picture for details)

Heating from the Top

Heating from Sides or Bottom

MHI offers a variety of specialized surface and radiative electric heaters with industry-leading controls.

Giant Vertical GlowPanel™

Heated GLow Panel (GP)

Heated Glow Panel (GP)

High Power Density (kW/m2)

Several Models

Vertical Glow Panels

18″L x 18 “W

36″L x 36 “W

Contact MHI  for Glow Panels and GiantHeatPanels.

Calculate Power

Industrial GlowPanel™

Special Industrial Use

New GiantHeat

Upright and Sleeve Panels

Vertical Panels

Glow Panels

Heat with >150 W/

18″L x 24 “W or up to 140 Feet

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Thermoplate™ 600°C, 800°C, and 1000°C

  • High Emissivity Ceramic Plates

Thermoplate™ 1000°C

  • High Emissivity Ceramic Plates

208-240V 50/60Hz

Single Phase

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9″L x 9″W
HP220-GAXP-1000 (9×9)

Thermoplate™ 1200°C

  • High Emissivity Ceramic Plates

18″L x 18″W
HP220-GAXP-1000 (18″) Diagonal

208-240V 50/60Hz

Single Phase

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9″L x 9″W HP220-HIGHBOGAXP-1200 (9×9)

Call for information on open-top high flux models

Thermotable™ 1400°C

208-240V 50/60Hz

Single Phase

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9″L x 9″W
HP220-HIBO-1400 (9×9)


High heat flux over 500KW/m2

NA or Custom

Please consider HOT-Top for this temperature

See below.

Custom Radiative Vertical Wall.  Glow Panel or Thermoplate

High Poer Density Heater

18″ x 20″ Model shown

Model:  GP(W)-24 (24 kW)

New-  Please contact MHI for GiantHeat™ Panels-  use in the oil industrial sectors. Window type with stand.  View Models. ~ 4 – 150 kW

High power density ~up to 150W/ or ~22 W/ over the large surface.

Combine with efficient Airtorch® for best electric drying.

Patented.  Up to 1900°C depends on model.

Custom.  Please review Heat-flux calculator.



Up to 3.5″ diameter

Slim Line

Several Models

Glow Panel. GP-GAXP-6.5



GAXP Glow Panel

Connectors included

Ceramic Base
Typical Base Size 14″ x 14″ x 2″ or customized

Can be customized
Heater typical size about 200 mm (8″) diameter for

Patented GAXP­­®. Up to 1400°C depends on model.

Please review Heat-flux calculator.

Comparing typical Gas Burners to Electric GlowPanels™ 

Please compare the Power and Temperature

Power Rating Conversion

2 kW = 6,829 BTU/hr

90,000 BTU/hour = 26.4 kiloWatts (kW)

The radiation intensity increases with temperature

A faster heat-up and drying results from a higher temperature and higher power

A faster heat-up and drying results from a higher temperature and higher power

Material that is Combusted/ Burned Typical Flame Temperature-Average* (approximate)

Natural Gas (Methane)

900~1500°C (1652-2732°F)

Charcoal Fire

750~1200°C (1382-2192°F)

Typical Candle Flame

1100°C (2012°F)

No combustion. MHI GlowPanel™

Up to 1900°C (3452°F)

(Several models 1400°C – 1900°C )

Novel MHI Devices  For MegaWatts (MW/m2) power density

* Source: Note that the average temperature is not the peak

temperature which could be higher.  MHI patented materials are considered in the comparison.

Glow panels offer non-turbulent heating.

Compare the Power Density of Lasers, Sunlight, Gas Flames, and More.

This class of GAXP™ Heater is classified as a semi-finished module, which needs to be installed only by certified electricians who are cognizant of the dangers from exposed electrical and thermal systems. Please do not hesitate to have your electrician contact MHI for questions.

Please email us or call (513) 772-0404

MHI Thermoplates™ are an industrial grade, high power, high temperature hot plate capable of reaching temperatures of 1400°C within 4 seconds after initially reaching full power. Ideal for use as a laboratory hot plate. Thermoplates™ feature a stainless steel construction and electronic controls. Thermoplates™ are offered with quartz or ceramic tops, both exhibiting excellent uniformity.

General Information
  • Power Controller 120V and 220V upto 8 KWBPAN-O-PLUS Control Panel
  • Radiative Power: High power relative to other hot plates available (up to 14 kW for Thermoplate and Thrmotable depending on the model). Please request a quote.
  • Temperature: Up to 1500°C depending on the model.  Open top radiators are available.
  • Construction: Stainless steel construction. See pictures below for a display of complex ceramics mated for high temperature and thermal expansion considerations.
  • 4 Second heat-up rate after reaching full power.
  • Sleek Quartz or Radiative Ceramic top for easy cleaning and rapid heat up. Special 1400°C tops- please contact MHI.
  • Spiral and other elements give extremely uniform temperature distribution.
  • Special high uniformity RTP heaters are also available.
  • Independently locatable control electronics are shown below.
  • MHI is the leader in the calibration of the device to process for all Thermoplates.

Internal features of the Thermoplate construction include combinations of special ceramics and metals with the UltraSpiral heating element as shown in the pictures below. Choice of tops (closed and open) up to 1800°C.  Please contact MHI.

closed top radiator

Click for Ceramic Containers and Plates.

Easy online purchase.  TLID and thermocouple.

Complex Heating Element Provides Excellent Uniformity in Thermoplates.  Years of Use.

Best Grill top Craftmanship

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Advanced Materials and Superior Craftsmanship across the Thermal System/Device.  Unparalleled engineering.

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Workmanship with composites

MHI Technology in high-temperature metal-ceramic composites and thermal matching ability, ensure long service-life.

High Temperature Grill Top

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