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Some measurements of high uniformity are shown below. The numbers will vary for specific furnaces and whether or not the steady state has been achieved.  External reference ….”15 kW furnace with three PID-controlled zones. It is capable of providing uniform temperatures of +/- 2 K over the length of the furnace at temperatures up to 1600 K.”  Stanford University. MHI box and bottom loading furnaces are one of the highest uniformity in their class.  Typically the uniformity across a plane depends on t/C positioning.  At high temperatures different t/c’s may measure slightly different temperatures and could be minorly influenced by thermals and wall or top-roof eddy (~1%) or asymmetric charge or eddies cause by the placement of roof holes and chimneys.  Regardless MHI furnaces are built for some of the best uniformities in the furnace sector.

MHI furnaces offer a choice of efficient heating elements, fiberfree ™ safe refractory with high roughness emissivity, high eddy damping surfaces, double wall thick gauge stainless steel, modern electronics, and years of experience in manufacture – many patents protect the MHI Inc thermal systems.

MHI uniformity also addresses craftsmanship.  This is particularly important for Thermoplates.  The uniformity of Thermoplates depends on the matching and zero expansion of several components.

The Uniformity of a Thermoplate is very dependent on the use (coverage of the top) as it is an open radiator.  Regardless a ±2C is reported with the TLID option, but not guaranteed as several factors are in play.

The values are written at a steady state – with a TLID the improves uniformity improves dramatically.

Mightysteam® products like the OAB and GHGA produce dry steam with high uniformity.

MHI Airtorch® and process gas heaters provide a high temporal uniformity.  See also a page on Energy savings and Uniformity with the Airtorch.

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