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Continuous Ovens, Furnaces, Belt Conveyers, Airtorch and Steam Ovens

MHI Thermal Processing Solutions
MHI is one of the technology leader in high temperature heating elements and furnaces. MHI offers heating solutions for a wide range of processes: steam tunnels, steam batch furnaces, anti microbial tunnels, bonding, oxidizing, drying, binder burnout, and sintering to name a few.  Our goal has been to build furnaces that offer functionality, reliability and energy efficiency. Regardless of the type of furnace batch, pusher, walking beam or rotary, the

Airtorch   and OAB steam units are easy to attach to any chamber

The Conveyer Belt AirtorchTM and Steam Ovens represent the new generation in heat treating using highly uniform hot air or steam.



With SuperGlide
GOLDENBLUE® long life belt lining


No Noise Operation

No Polluion Operation

Improved Uniformity

Adjustable Uniform Heat-up Rate

MHI Continuous Steam Products

ROI Calculator

Does convection help uniformity?
Very often the key to high productivity lies in good uniformity in the furnace/oven. 

As ovens become larger this is a key concern and is often addressed by the proper convective design.

Energy efficiency and uniformity are increased by improving delta-star transition and convection.
Easy to attach Airtorch or OAB to Ovens.  SImple. No Clutter.
Special Convective Ovens availableSpecial Convective Ovens available   


*  MHI will honor the calculations made by all furnace consultants or OEM Companies for power, flow and process applicability.  Some helpful design tips.
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