High Temperature Furnace Models

Furnaces for High Quality Industrial/Production Use. Please inquire about the MHI Neverdown™ feature.

All sizes. Large industrial sizes to small. Furnace 1700°C/1760°C/1800°C with MP class heating-elements or 1400°C Models with GAXP class heating-elements.  High-uniformity high-temperature furnaces from MHI.  Specialty furnaces include high power density and large span models – features that the novel heaters and MHI insulation ceramics allow in the construction.

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Comparing furnaces?  What guarantees do you have for long life furnace.  Here are a few…

  • Is the warranty on Electronics at least  2 Years.
  • Is the warranty on Heating Elements at least  1 Year
  • Is your furnace made with all stainless steel for long life. Inside and outside?
  • Safety refractory without fibers used as appropriate including for the doors.
  • Top mounted MHI Moly-silicide heating elements. Best Life.
  • High quality roof hangers?
  • Is the exterior wall cooled for safety?

Furnace Features

Safety, Warranty, Non-sag High Temperature Roofs,

Unique FiberFree™ Hearths, Great Uniformity

Designed with modern materials

Add clean environmental gases-high temperature steam/air-plasma

Very Large Box Furnace

Very Large Box Furnace

Large Furnaces

Model Temperature Dimensions


(2552°F- 3200°F)
12″H x 12″W x 16″D
LTF2 1400°C-1760°C
(2552°F- 3200°F)
16″H x 24″W x 24″D
THF 1400°C-1760°C
(2552°F- 3200°F)
6- 12 Cubic Foot Furnaces

(Best value)

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More Box Furnaces….

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Complete Digital Controls/Data Acquisition

Please click on a furnace-type below.

Box Furnace

Safety Door Box Furnaces

Safety Door Box Furnaces

Tube Furnace

High Temperature Tube Furnace

High Temperature Tube Furnace

Bottom Loading Furnace

Bottom Loading

Bottom Loading Furnace

MHI is an energy efficient high temperature furnace and general furnace manufacturer. Our furnaces meet the highest standards for quality, energy efficiency, and performance. Several Sizes available: From laboratory, prototyping intermediate-scale, to large-scale with established high-safety heating devices, elements, furnaces and refractories. Single phase to three phase models 4 kW – 4MW.


New Micro-Furnace Models













Vertical Furnace

vertical Furnace VST

Vertical Furnace

Zapper Furnace

Stack Furnaces

Large Furnaces

Giant Furnaces

Stackable Large Furnace

Stackable Large Furnace

Productivity vs Temperature (PDF)
Please click here for up to 1700
°C Continuous Furnaces
with tunnel zones.

Top Loading High Temperature Furnace, THF Models.

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Furnace Summary

MHI has pioneered several specialty furnaces.  Standard furnaces are listed above. Many can be customized to the requirements of the user.  Please click on a category below.   Please also contact MHI if seeking to upgrade an old furnace with the modern GAXP® heating elements or fiberfree™ insulation. Rapid cooled sealed furnaces for Austempering and Martempering or similar heat treat conditions with accurate hold temperatures. Industries served include the industrial, heat treat, medical, commercial, R&D, innovation, packaging, instrumentation, aviation, transportation, refrigeration/air conditioning, ashing organic and inorganic samples, petroleum refining, gravimetric analysis, biomass, chemicals, forest products, iron and steel, food and beverage,cement, glass, fabricated metals, plastics and rubber products, reactors, alumina, aluminum, transportation equipment, foundries, computers, electronics, and electrical equipment, textiles, machinery, and all types of critical manufacturing.

Front Loading Furnace Furnaces with Bottom Opening and Lift

 Guide for furnace selection

Lab Scale Furnaces Industrial Scale Furnaces Steam Ovens Control Panels
Box Furnaces
Bottom Loading
Vertical Furnaces
Horizontal Tube Furnace
Tensile Testing
Compact Slider

Stackable Modules
Bottom Loading Tube Furnace
Horizontal Tube Furnace
Top Hat Furnaces

Hybrid Furnaces
Front Loading
Tilt and Pour
Recirculating Ovens
Continuous Oven
Custom Convective Ovens
Single Phase SCR’s
3 Phase SCR’s
Electric Controllers
Data Acquisition System
Simple Gas Mixing System (automated)
Now Offering 1 Year Warranty on Heating Elements for Certain Classes of MHI Furnaces. Please contact MHI for full details.

For easy purchase of spare parts visit our store – (spare parts)

Fiber Free Refractory

High Productivity Models

Offers convection and best running value proposition

One year warranty includes the heating elements.



Internal Dimensions in inches


(6 Cu Ft) 1400C

Hybrid -THF-1400-6-GAXP

Motorized Top Lift

16″H x 24″W x 24″D

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THF-1760-6-MP (6 Cu Ft)


16″H x 24″W x 24″D

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THF-1400-12-GAXP (12 Cu Ft) 1400C

Hybrid -THF-1400-12-GAXP

Motorized Top Lift

24″H x 46″W x 46″D

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Dross reduction Attachments to Furnaces e.g. Aluminum

  • Reduced Energy Costs – Energy efficiencies of 0.2 kWhr/lb for melting with no emissions.
  • Improved melting from ultra clean metal.
  • Clean melting, with dross values less than 0.5% depending on configuration.
  • No requirement for nitrogen, argon, or chemical fluxes – significantly reducing operating costs and the environmental impact.
  • Extremely small equipment footprint as shown above in Figure 1.
  • Quiet operation – Zero noise -much lower than typical, conventional plasma systems.
  • High energy density nearly four times compared to the standard

Model Number Temperature Interior Dimensions
LTF2  1100°C – 1700°C
(2012°F – 3092°F)
16″H x 24″W x 24″D
LTF 2-1400 1400°C
(2552°F Max)
16″H x 24″W x 24″D
THF-1400-(6-12)- GAXP 1400°C
(2552°F Max)
6-12 Cubic Foot Furnace
M18-40 Up to 1760°C
(1800°C/3272°F Max)
12″H x 12″W x 16″D
H14 1400°C
(2552°F Max)
8″H x 7″W x 8″D
M14 1400°C
(2552°F Max)
12″H x 12″W x 16″D
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More Box Furnace Models…

Z Series | H Series |


Steam Ovens

Add Steam to a MHI Furnace or Oven MHI makes it easy for steam inlet port. New furnace prices have been dramatically reduced so that a steam inlet port and steam generator may be ordered with the furnace.

Specialty Furnaces

Giant Oil Vessel Heaters GiantHeat

Upright Module Furnace

Tilt Rotate 3 Zone Tube Furnace

Tilt and Rotate

Both Box and Tube Furnaces

Uniformity is enabled by double-wall stainless multiple high quality insulation layer.

  • Non-sag Roof Hangers NanoFractal™ Materials for Environment Sensitive Insulation.
  • Compare the build-out materials.
Uniformity comes from the thermal arrangement of heating elements.  MHI furnaces offer:

  • Safety
  • Uniformity
  • Flexibility
  • Smart Data Acquisition.
  • Compare Energy Use.

MHI Specialty Furnace Features

Safety, Warranty, Non-sag High Temperature Roofs, Unique FiberFree™ Hearths, Great Uniformity

Designed with modern materials and state-of-the-art technology platforms

Add clean environmental gases like high temperature steam or air-plasma

MHI Furnace Features

Safety, Warranty, Non-sag High Temperature Roofs, Unique FiberFree™ Hearths, Great Uniformity

Designed with modern materials and state-of-the-art technology platforms

Add clean environmental gases like high temperature steam or air-plasma

Large Long Furnaces

Tunnel Furnaces

Giant RR

Look Inside a tube furnace its uniform

Long Furnaces to 1700°C

Collage of more features

Top Hat Box Furnace 208, 220 240V all accomodated in voltages The mark of high temperature quality from MHI TRIPAN and ITRIPAN A wide variety of patented subassemblies
Furnace Specials Multi-Tap Transformers MHI Quality Mark TRIPAN Control Panels Sub-Assembly catalogs

MHI manufactures novel devices when standard furnaces cannot meet your needs. Please contact us.