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m-series high temperature box furnace
single zone tube furnace

Smooth Lift Bottom Loaders

Solid Steppped Hearth for Long Life

Tilt Rotate 3 Zone Tube Furnace

Tilt and Rotate

Both Box and Tube Furnaces

Uniformity is enabled by double-wall stainless multiple high quality insulation layer.

  • Non-sag Roof Hangers NanoFractal™ Materials for Environment Sensitive Insulation.
  • Compare the build-out materials.
Uniformity comes from the thermal arrangement of heating elements.  MHI furnaces offer:

  • Safety
  • Uniformity
  • Flexibility
  • Smart Data Acquisition.
  • Compare Energy Use.
Tilting Furnace

MHI Furnace Features

Safety, Warranty, Non-sag High Temperature Roofs, Unique FiberFree™ Hearths, Great Uniformity

Designed with modern materials and state-of-the-art technology platforms

Large Furnaces

Model Temperature Interior Dimensions


(2552°F- 3200°F)
12″H x 12″W x 16″D
LTF2-14 1400°C
(2552°F Max)
16″H x 24″W x 24″D
THF-1400-(6-12)- GAXP 1400°C
(2552°F Max)
6- 12 Cubic Foot Furnaces

(Best value)

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Top Hat Box Furnace Top Hat Box Furnace

Furnace 1700°C/1760°C/1800°C

or 1400°C Models

High-uniformity high-temperature furnaces from MHI

Single and Multi-Zone Furnaces

m-series high temperature box furnace
Single Zone Tube Furnace
Bottom Loading Furnace
vertical split tube furnace
Complete Digital Controls and Data Acquisition

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with tunnel zones.

New Micro-Furnace Models

MHI is an energy efficient high temperature furnace and general furnace manufacturer. Our furnaces meet the highest standards for quality, energy efficiency, and performance. Several Sizes available: From laboratory, prototyping intermediate-scale, to large-scale with established high-safety heating devices, elements, furnaces and refractories. Single phase to three phase models 36 kW – 500 kW.

nformation and Price Request

Please contact MHI if seeking to upgrade an old furnace with the modern GAXP® heating elements or fiberfree™ insulation. Rapid cooled sealed furnaces for Austempering and Martempering or similar heat treat conditions with accurate hold temperatures. Industries served include the industrial, heat treat, medical, commercial, R&D, innovation, packaging, instrumentation, aviation, transportation, refrigeration/air conditioning, ashing organic and inorganic samples, petroleum refining, gravimetric analysis, biomass, chemicals, forest products, iron and steel, food and beverage,cement, glass, fabricated metals, plastics and rubber products, reactors, alumina, aluminum, transportation equipment, foundries, computers, electronics, and electrical equipment, textiles, machinery, and all types of critical manufacturing.

Front Loading Furnace Furnaces with Bottom Opening and Lift
Lab Scale Furnaces Industrial Scale Furnaces Steam Ovens Control Panels
Box Furnaces
Bottom Loading
Vertical Furnaces
Horizontal Tube Furnace
Tensile Testing
Compact Slider

Stackable Modules
Bottom Loading Tube Furnace
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Hybrid Furnaces
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PC Concentrator
Recirculating Ovens
Continuous Oven
Custom Convective Ovens
Single Phase SCR’s
3 Phase SCR’s
Electric Controllers
Data Acquisition System
Simple Gas Mixing System (automated)
Now Offering 1 Year Warranty on Heating Elements for Certain Classes of MHI Furnaces. Please contact MHI for full details.

For easy purchase of spare parts visit our store – (spare parts)

Fiber Free Refractory

Robust Top Loader Furnace

Easy to lift EYE bolts standard when required.

Attractive Power and temperature control panels.

Multizone with SIMGAS

Steam Ovens

Add Steam to a MHI Furnace or Oven MHI makes it easy for steam inlet port. New furnace prices have been dramatically reduced so that a steam inlet port and steam generator may be ordered with the furnace.

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Key Features of MHI Furnaces

  • Safety:  Double walled Stainless Steel construction.  This, along with the FiberFree™ refractory, allow for a safe exterior working environment (~50°C or lower). MHI furnaces, where applicable, have three-arm balanced swing away doors that keep the hot surface side away from user.
  • WarrantyContact us to learn about the best warranty for your furnace
  • High Temperature Furnace Classes: Almost all MHI furnaces are lined with non-toxic FiberFree™ refractory in the furnace chamber. FiberFree™ refractory is a safe-to-use insulation which does not contain any toxic short fibers.  Please check detailed specifications that are provided with quote.
  • Non-sag roof technology: MHI also uses the unique RHD FiberFree™ refractory for the roof of most furnaces. This novel refractory does not crack during cycling at operating temperatures which allows for longer life of the furnace and longer life from the heating elements. Less cracks and longer life means you will be running your furnace more efficiently and have an overall savings (monetary, energy, replacement materials, etc.). This FiberFree™ material advantage is uniquely available from MHI!
  • Robustness: MHI uses nanofractal roof hangers.
  • Unique Hearth Designs: Several bottom loader type furnaces now have floors that come standard with removable hearths. On large bottom loader furnaces we have added a new design feature, which makes the already sturdy door-top fully removable and lockable.  If you ever damage the floor of the door – simply change out this piece without incurring the larger cost for the entire door.  Hearths can reach 2000°C operating temperatures with the unique non-toxic FiberFree™ refractory.
  • Uniformity:  As high as +/- 2°C temperature uniformity for small chambers. Slightly more as the size increases.  Uniformity is related to insulation quality and quantity, furnace design, best heating elements and high class control systems that for example are easily accepted in US government laboratories. Overall care matters when mating ceramics, thick gauge stainless steel and high temperature heating elements.  We often find MHI provides an additional layer of insulation compared to other manufacturers and provides the latest in feedback control electronics.
  • Furnace accessories of the higest quality.
  • Our heating elements routinely outperform.  MHI offers the highest temperatures and longest life available in GAXP or Silicon Carbide or MoSi2 heating elements. (Please see customer testimonials for elements)
  • Awards: MHI has received the prestigious R&D100 and other awards for its heating elements, refractory materials, and furnaces. This shows our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement so that you have the highest quality and best performing furnace.
  • Access to best practices and patented technology:  We are a completely integrated high temperature furnace manufacturer which allows us to respond quickly and efficiently to our customers’ needs worldwide. MHI has several service testimonials from satisfied customers.
  • Versatile:  MHI furnaces are used in diverse applications from chemical processing, vapor deposition, nano scale processing, materials processing and energy conversion from R&D to prototypes to industrial scale operations.
  • Flexibility:  When appropriate MHI takes significant care in providing versatility.  Mutitap transformers are often provided when we feel the customer may move the furnace over time to a different location.  In some areas of the world there is a need for multi-tap transformers in order to cater for long-cycle voltage fluctuations. However it is very important for user to specify correct voltage at time of ordering.
  • MHI maintains transparent prices of Furnace Replacement Parts.
Top Hat Box Furnace 208, 220 240V all accomodated in voltages The mark of high temperature quality from MHI TRIPAN and ITRIPAN A wide variety of patented subassemblies
Furnace Specials Multi-Tap Transformers MHI Quality Mark TRIPAN Control Panels Sub-Assembly catalogs

MHI manufactures novel devices when standard furnaces cannot meet your needs. Please contact us.