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Bench Top Tunnel Furnace

Size (WHL)
T14 (7-7-24) (Box or Continuous Furnace)

7"W x 7"H x 24"L

Continuous Parts Movement Units with Special Ceramics

T16 (7-7-24) (Box or Continuous Furnace)

7"W x 7"H x 24"L

Continuous Parts Movement Units with Special Ceramics

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Tunnel furnaces are one of the most versatile long-furnaces available for high temperature use.  

Easy Glide Features for Small Parts

Multiple Zones

Ease of Use:
The tunnel furnace features two doors, one at each end of the furnace. Each door may be removed or swiveled from the furnace and kept aside during loading and unloading operations. Door opening size is 5"W x 6"H.  Our furnaces are built for rugged use, meaning our tunnel furnaces are ideal for applications such as ceramics, metals, and material service. 

Our tunnel furnaces are typically offered as single zone furnaces, but we do offer Multi-zone tunnel furnaces )in continuous mode in addition to custom models.

Versatility and Temperature Uniformity:
MHI's tunnel furnaces are highly versatile due to their large doors, and also feature strategically placed elements to achieve the highest possible temperature uniformities. With the doors sealed, a typical steady state uniformity of +-10°C or better is noted for approximately 75% of the furnace's length. Tubes may be used with the doors open with proper end insulation (at least 3 inches thick) and special care should be taking when inserting tubes or rods so as to not mechanically break or damage the heating elements. Use continous mode for for small ceramic parts and dentall crowns.  All safety precautions must be observed if the furnace is used without the doors closed and it is almost always not recommended. Please contact MHI for help with tubes if such a use is contemplated.

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