Silicon carbide heating element

The MHI Silicon carbide heating element is a time trusted heating element.   MHI SiC is characterized by high use temperature, superior oxidation resistance, low corrosion, long service life, low creep, and easy installation features i.e. full accessories. Typical material properties (nominal) are specific gravity: 3.0 – 3.1g/cm3, specific heat: 0.7 * 0.1.4KJ/Kg, emissivity: ~0.80, tensile strength: ~15 * 106 N/m2 and the expansion coefficient is 4.8 * 10-6. The MHI silicon carbide heating elements are available in eight different basic configurations that extend heater life especially in corrosive environments.  For more information, please complete and submit the applicable form below or contact us at (513) 772-0404 or email us with this general inquiry form.

*Note: All MHI Silicon Carbide Heaters are conditioned with the MHI patented and patent applied NoAgeTM treatment, which provides greater stability during use. Why choose MHI Silicon Carbide?

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Please report resistance at ~850C. The resistance varies in a highly non-linear manner vs. temperature, for all SiC elements and the industry standards is to report this number at ~800C.

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