Radiant Flat Heaters (Patented High Power Surface Heaters)

This catalog page is for shaped heater components only.  Finished radiator units are called Thermoplates or Robust Radiators.  Please click to those pages for finished products.

Choose from Complex shapes, GlowPanel™,  Line-heater, or Spiral-heater models below or please contact us to select models for your application.

Upgrade any existing lower temperature heating element (electric heater) you may be currently using with the UPESP material heating elements that are rated to 1850°C. (Please see the shapes below or inquire about any other custom elements which may better fit your needs).

MHI offers complete electronics control packages. The CE or UL panel ratings are provided when required.

MHI GAXP material-heaters are very high emissivity heaters

MHI manufactures easy replacement patented heaters that have a long-lasting performance.  These are used in the semiconductor and deposition, and additive manufacturing processes.

Contact us or call us at (513)772-0404 for more information.  For Coils, View our High-Temperature Coils Page

Pancake Heaters up to 12″

1400°C temperature

Heat from the Bottom

Heat from the Bottom or Side

 4000 W and 12000 W.

URP Heaters. 12″ Boards. Use up to 1380°C.

Veratile heating Panels for Furnace Construction

Veratile heating Panels for Furnace Construction

1800 W

GAXP-Igmp Microheater Models and Glow Panels

Special elements ~ 1500°C-1900°C

Model # Size Power Maximum Temp
12V Models

24V Models

Contact MHI.

s-12-200 12 V

s-24-400 24 V

200 Watts and Upward Use from 1200-1600°C
(Varies by model)
Model # (Sze of base plate) Power Element Shape
UPESP-6.5* (choose model for GAXP or MP) ~3-6000W

High Density Square Heater

High Density Square Heater

High Power GP-24 (wall) GlowPanels High Heat Flux

24KW -72 KW

Vertical or Horizontal 

18″L x 18 “W

36″L x 36 “W

High Power Glow Panels

Heated GLow Panel (GP)

Heated Glow Panel (GP)

Pancake Heaters

Up to 1400°C depends on model.

Please review Heat-flux calculator.


Ceramic Base
14″ x 14″ x 2″
Heater Size about 200mm diameter for
GP- GAXP-6.5

Heat from the Bottom

Heat from the Bottom

UPESP is a high power molybdenum disilicide or GAXP pancake radiator. The element is supported by a patented non-reactive ceramic base plate that is provided with the heating element. Ask about our standard models.

Contact us or call us at (513)772-0404 for more information.

Patented. Contact us UPESP (Base Plate – FiberFree™ Non-toxic)

* UPESP-6.5 serves as the replacement heating element for the HP220-HIGHBO-1250 Thermoplate™.

Please contact us or call (513) 772-0404

Power and Temperature Control Panels

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Control Panel

Control Panel

Temperature Control with Data Acquisition

Temperature Control with Data Acquisition

Vacuum Scales

Vacuum Conversion

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three Phase temperature Controller

TRIPAN Three phase controller for High Power GP Glow Panels