HGA-S Devices  (Steam from 100C to 1300C).  Variable flow and power.

MHI’s steam devices feature high scalability, reliability, and versatility. The OAB steam generators feature BoilerFree™ technology.

Steam Generators can be used for chemical, mechanical or heating purposes with enhanced energy efficiency.

No moisture, quick start up and shut down. Online help available for design.

No CO/CO2 toxic gas by-products (electrical generation).

Some government surveys show that steam may account for one-third of all the energy used in process plants – so optimization with a high efficiency generator will pay-off.

The  safe optimized HGA or OAB® system may significantly lower the cost of your steam system – yield large returns.

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  1. Direct plug-in, self contained system.  Price of HGA-S-01 on the MHI web store.  
  2. High Quality Steam (quality of steam is a industry-used technical phrase that indicates water content in steam). True HGA-S-01 steam is 100% steam quality (no moisture).
  3. Integrated Thermocouple.
  4. Includes Flow Rate Control with Pump Offerings that Provide Different Levels of Flow-Sensitivity and Display (Please see cN-BPE options)
  5. Vittori Flexible Tube available for flexible connection from generator to process chamber
  6. Other options include flow deflectors and back pressure tolerance enhancers (BPE)
  7. Optional cN-BPE for continuous adjustment 0.3 Kg/hr to 1 Kg/hr.
  8. More information on HGA-S-01 and HGA-CX-1300 and HGA-P4-750  (4 Bar pressure discharge at 750°C)
  9. MHI Offers Test Chambers for Steam with Generators from 400°C to 1400°C.  These are custom chambers for Oxidation or Bio Testing for Small Coupons.  Please contact MHI with request.
  10. Please contact MHI for ROI calculators.

General Specifications for 1 Kg/hr Steam Generators.

Optional cN-BPE for continuous adjustment 0.3 Kg/hr to 1 Kg/hr.

cN-BPE Connection

  cN-BPE Connection

Vittori Tube and Nut-500x400

Vittori Tube and Nut-500×400

Optional:  Steam Chambers

Maximum Exit Temperature Controls Steam Output (maximum)

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HGA-S-01 Control Panel

HGA-CX-1300 Control Panel

1 Kg/hr

1 Kg/hr

HGA-CX-1300 Picture shown above.  Contact MHI.

Click for Contact for Steam Test Chambers.