Steam Testing Chambers

Useful for steam oxidation, testing steam reactions in the laboratory, testing for environmental innovation and food or  antimicrobial testing purposes

The chambers may be used for steam up 1300C.   Independent control of steam, gas and chamber with industry tested control panels.

Accurate sample positioning and multiple temperature read outs are offered.

Please contact MHI for details to specify the steam flow rate and temperature and the sample size and temperature.

These are one of the best test chambers as they allow for flowing clean steam in order to provide steady state test conditions.

OAB Based Chamber Design

Steam output: 4-12 kg/hr. OAB® Models

Models (4kg/hr, 12kg/hr)

Single phase 208-240V.

Pure Steam.

Temperature Range: 300-1000°C

Steam Rate Flow Adjustment: Discrete and continuous modes for steam flow adjustments.

Up to 4 Bar Back Pressure Tolerant Models Available.

HGA Based Chamber Design.

Steam Output: 1 kg/hr.

HGA Models: Pure Steam

Temperature Range:

300°C (HGA-S-01) to

1300°C (HGA-CX1300)

Steam Rate Flow Adjustment: Discrete and continuous mode is available

Test in chamber with premixed steam air mixtures with HGA-M.

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FAQ’s for Steam Chambers

(Based on questions from  previous sales).

(a) Are there recommended minimum & maximum coupon size for superheated sample testing? The  chamber 1.5 inch diameter & 4 inch length

(b) What is the incremental distance (upper and lower) between coupon and the steam applicator?

Infinite type Adjustment

(c) Are there any constraints in varying coupon exposure time to superheated steam? (e.g. minimum exposure time & max exposure time?)


(d) Are the coupon (or) steam applicators, both are fixed? In other words, if we need to vary sweeping rate, can this be done? (it may be related to question c).

Sample Holder is Multi-axis # Tilt Positions

Fixed or you can continuously change.

(e) presume we can monitor humidity within the chamber with appropriate probe sensor during the experiments

Please see   Humidity is not defined for high temperature steam

(f) What are the upper and lower limits of temperature for steam that can be used during the experiment? at what increment temperature can be controlled?

Up to ~400C or 1000C or 1300C.  Infinite control is allowed by MHI control systems.

(e) can the steam velocity be varied?

Not without changing nozzles.  A ¼” nozzle is provided.  Note that the volume flow rate is fixed.

(f) Are there any constraints with water source (e.g., DI water or tap water is OK?)

RO water is preferred.

(g) Do you offer a Data Acquisition system

Yes.  Please inquire about MHI-DACS.

(h)  What if I want a moving product steam tunnel

Please link to steam tunnels.

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