MHI offers patented super-heaters for the OAB® as well as for existing boilers.

OAB®  Superheaters. Superheaters for

MHI Steam generators.

High Temperature steam generator

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MHI also offers super-heaters for traditional boilers for known boilers.

Super-heaters for Pressure Boilers.

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Limited Availability.  Requires Design.  Please contact MHI for raising boiler steam temperature to over 800°C.  Please provide full details of your boiler and its ability to provide high quality (i.e no water droplet) steam.  Alternately please click to GHGA.

SC-12 Electrical Superheater for Boiler

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  • OAB® and other MHI steam generators feature BoilerFree™ technology. One atmosphere steam generators do not have high pressure personnel training requirements. Steam output is in the order of 40m/s. Additionally, steam is self-propelling in most instances. Superheating the steam is an advantage.
  • Steam Generators can be used for chemical (process and labeling), mechanical or heating purposes with an enhanced energy efficiency, enhanced control system provided by MHI and enhanced pressure line where required no pressure (one atmosphere) to high pressures.
  • Online help is available for design. High temperature steam generators are simple to install, and easy to use. The OAB’s can normally be installed immediately adjacent to the application.
  • OAB® steam generators features On-demand steam from a cold start within seconds to minutes (for OAB 4 and 12 models it is about ten seconds  for even the first run). No CO/CO2 toxic gas by-products are produced at the device.
  • Enjoy dry and clean steam of high quality.
  • Experience significant cost savings in energy, a better product and significant operational ease with the on-off type feature. Relocate or change the layout at will.
  • MHI is an experienced company in small to large Power Control Panels. Also an experienced company in modular design with manifolds.
  • MHI steam solutions are provided with units that are designed to simultaneously offer the high temperature-high enthalpy steam of the traditional OAB®, and additionally carry an add-on steam output for a high-pressure steam-line when required. This feature offers considerable universality. The high pressure attachment can be added to one line of the BPE attachment. Please contact MHI to discuss the add on price. The high temperature steam (up to 1300°C when chosen ) and high pressure steam (up to 4 bar) and hot-water lines operate simultaneously when required. Most applications need only the continuously produced high temperature one atmosphere steam, and not the pressure, because OAB steam exits at a high velocity up to 4-40m/s. The OAB® or HGA can be turned on and off on demand, unlike a boiler. For product finishing processes with steam, please use SaniZap or HGA-M (steam/air/gas mixture). For oxidation studies please consider the HGA-S-01-superheated-steam-generator or the OAB-4 (from 300C to 1300C).
  • Solutions and models range from modern industrial OAB-class models (4-36+ kg/hr.) to smaller HGA-class models (1 kg/hr. Voltage 120/220V).
  • Replace a 80kW conventional boiler with a better performing 4kW in certain applications with Steam Tunnels. See ROI (Savings).
  • Instant On-Demand Steam Generation. InstaBoiler™ TechnologyApplications.
  • Patent Protected
    • High quality steam or steam/gas mix available if required or pure steam. Varies by model.
    • Standard output nozzles connect to standard existing piping. Use of standard BPE allowed. Delivery tubes called Vittori tubes provided.
    • Compact designs are easily adaptable. Industrially required very high-flow systems are available. Exit velocity is several m/s depending on model.
    • From heating to cleaning at several levels. Easy applications.
    • High temperature without pressure. Adjust temperature by power and distance.
    • Energy efficiency extends to a myriad of important steam applications
    • Now offering 5 Bar discharge velocity on special models up to 550C
    • Steam temperatures from 100°C to 1300°C. Patent Protected.
    • No moisture in OAB® steam. From start-up conditions.
    • Assortment of extender pipes and insulation.
    • and more….like easy to install… thermal fluid heating…easy to operate..multiple streams…modern controls, industry tested… innovate Videos and Media Gallery

What is superheated steam? Steam can be saturated or superheated. When at the boiling temperature (which depends on the pressure) the steam is called saturated. When above this temperature it is called superheated. At sea level and one atmosphere pressure (101KPa) steam boils at 100C (212F) which is then the saturated steam temperature for this pressure. Above this temperature it will be superheated. Steam Calculator. Good high quality steam is dry steam with no water droplets in it.

New steam from a conventional boiler is rarely 100% dry. In contrast the OAB steam is 100% dry. In conventional boilers heat loss causes the steam to condense and become more wet as it travels down the steam-line. A decrease in the steam dryness hinders heat transfer. It is therefore important to monitor steam dryness in order to provide optimum heating efficiency for your system. OAB steam generators produces dry steam. OAB locations can be close to the use device. MHI’s steam devices provide high scalability, reliability, and versatility pure steam for high and very high temperatures. Such steam can be used for chemical (labeling or food), or heating purposes or for general steam use. The OAB® generators provide steam with enhanced energy efficiency with features that encompass no pressure (one atmosphere) to high pressures. Unlike many Boilers, the OAB Steam Generators may be re-located even after the first installation. Very small foot-prints. In several applications ranging from heating vats, reforming, biomass conversion, antibacterial, packaging, paint and epoxy removal, textiles, regeneration of chemicals and powders, steam oxidation, making the most appealing packaging, and other common steam uses like textile, bio-pharma, bio-fuels or for testing, the energy savings from OAB® pure steam offers an energy savings of up to 95% and a concomitant water savings. Each use is different, Please Request Information for your specific use. Steam Energy Calculator.

 Use of higher temperature steam leads to energy-efficient applications. This is smart power. Higher temperatures equals higher productivity for most applications of steam.

This Steam Applications page discusses many examples of the benefits of high temperature steam – smart-superheated steam. A significant growth in the steam market is predicted. Making a switch to innovative OAB® continuous steam is warranted. Please contact MHI.

Superheated steam carries more enthalpy, or total energy, than air at the same temperature and pressure. For example, air at 1 atmosphere and 300°C has an enthalpy difference of 575 kJ/kg when compared to air at STP. Superheated steam, at the same conditions, has an enthalpy difference of 2495 kJ/kg* (numbers are approximate). Thus, superheated steam carries over five times the total energy of air when comparing for the same initial and final conditions. This gives superheated steam a much larger capability to do work or perform effectively for chemical (packaging) or food processing needs compared to other gases. Consider use in Brewing & Distillation, Chemical Processing, Clean Steam & Humidification, Commercial Packaging, Dry Cleaning & Industrial, Laundries, Asphalt Heating & Liquid Terminal Facilities, Food Processing, Gas & Oil Processing, Paper Processing, Pharmaceutical Processing, Textiles.

Safe high temperature steam

Unlike a traditional steam boiler system, the high temperature steam output for the MHI Superheated Steam Generators is at a safe standard atmospheric pressure (room pressure). Compare this feature to boiler systems that must induce high pressure to produce steam at temperatures, yet not significantly higher than about 100°C-134°C (1bar – 3 bar) is possible with common boilers/autoclaves. Consider the HGA or OAB for for a much safer high temperature steam solution.

Please do note that the steam is still very hot and requires all the safety feature used for hot gas handling.

Please contact MHI.

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